Opening Arrangements for 2016 - 22nd Jan 2016


Finalising Courses

All Year 11-13 students must get their 2016 courses approved by your dean. This is happening on January 26th and 27th .
Tuesday 26th - 9am - onward. Students with surname beginning with A - M.
Wednesday 27th - 9am - onward. Students with surname beginning with N - Z
We also ask students to bring their NCEA results.

Peer Support final day of Training

This is the call back day for all who trained at camp last year. Be at school by 9:30 Friday 29th January and meet Mr Sinclair in the Library.

School Opening

Wednesday 27th January: 9:00 induction day for new staff

Thursday 28th January: 8:30 am Teacher only day.

Monday 1st February: 9:00 am School begins for Year 7 New Entrants and Peer Support leaders. Peer Support leaders need to arrive at school by 8:30 to meet and greet the Year 7 students.
Year 7 wear school uniform and bring your $10 for the log book as well as your lunch.
Parents are invited to a BBQ at 2:00 to meet the teachers.

Tuesday 2nd February
School begins for all students starting with Assembly at 8:40am. Please remember to bring your $10 for your logbooks. Wear correct uniform and have your stationery sorted. The canteen will be open.

All school buses will be operational from Monday 1st February.

Stationery List for 2016 - 13th Dec 2015

Click you links below to view Stationery List.

Year 7
Year 8
Year 9
Year 10
Year 11/12/13

Prize Giving 2015 - 11th Dec 2015

(Whole School Prize giving - 10h December 2015

Year 13

Charlotte Allan - first in horticulture
Jak Calver - first in gateway
Natasha Maybee - first in mathematics with calculus, Zonta award for excellence in the sciences and mathematics, Rosslyn Art Gallery trophy for excellence in the visual arts, diligence in English and biology
William Jordan - first in chemistry and physics, diligence in chemistry and physics, Reid Memorial Prize for science, Distance Learning Prize for mathematics with calculus, Jean Littlejohn Prize for mathematics, Mainland Fasteners Prize for first in hard materials technology
Rhys Mathieson - diligence in geography
Abigail McKay - first in horticulture
Georgia Pringle - first in English, classics and physical education
Nicholas Shaw - first in biology and geography, diligence in physical education and mathematics with statistics
Anna Taal - diligence in horticulture

Year 12
Eliza Barrett - first in applied mathematics
Kane Bassett - first in English, chemistry, mathematics, and geography, diligence in English
Ella Brock - first in physical education
Kyla Carruthers - first in biology
Kayla Dobson - diligence in geography
Sam Fischli - Trade Tools Ltd Prize for first in hard materials technology
Toni Hall - diligence in physical education
Georgina Irvine - diligence in biology and applied mathematics
Joshua O’Sullivan - first in art
Shane Patrick - first in gateway and horticulture, diligence in gateway
Matthew Roxburgh - diligence in mathematics and physical education
Rachel Thompson - diligence in art and English
Courtney Watkins - diligence in horticulture

Year 11
Connie Anderson - diligence in gateway
Jackson Anderson - first in hard materials technology, diligence in alternate science and horticulture
Caitlyn Anderton - first in English, Fowler Art & Craft Trophy for first in art, South Otago Federation of Women’s Institute’s Prize for first in food technology
Brittany Barkman - first in English, diligence in geography
Mackenzie Frost - diligence in physical education
Bree Grant - first in geography and physical education
Morgan Hale - first in English
Nikki Hall - diligence in physical education
Kaleb Hayes - first in physical education
Jessica Hutton - first in horticulture, diligence in food technology
Chevtin Jeffery - diligence in pathways science
Callum Kain - first in gateway
Caitlin Kerr - first in history
Georgina Low - Rosslyn Art Gallery Trophy for the most improved student in Year 11 art, first in mathematics, diligence in mathematics
Connor Marshall - first in digital technology and economics, diligence in mathematics
Gareth Maybee - first in gateway and pathways science
Ashley Oliver - diligence in art
Caleb Philps - diligence in hard materials technology
Brooke Rutherford - diligence in economics
Maria Scott - Agnes and John Littlejohn Prize for first in mathematics, distance learning prize in graphics, diligence in English and science
Aaron Stevenson - diligence in English
Jack Taylor - diligence in digital technology
Kain Walker - first in science

Year 10
Jade Adam - diligence in food technology
Jacob Boulton - first in social studies
Sam Brown - first in physical education and hard materials technology, diligence in horticulture and physical education
Rhys Davie - first in English, mathematics, social studies, science and graphics, diligence in art, mathematics and science
Rebecca Hutton - first in French, diligence in English, French and hard materials technology
Anna Jordan - first in English, science, information technology and music, diligence in English, mathematics and science
Jorjah Mason-Waru - first in health)
Ben Pepper - first in drama
James Scanlan - first in mathematics and horticulture, diligence in mathematics and information technology
Laura Scanlan - first in French, diligence in French and English
Calum Scoon - first in physical education
Jessica Thin - first in food technology
Shylo Waitere - diligence in music
Ryan Weatherall - first in art, diligence in drama

Year 9
Levin Coulter-Butler - first in hard materials technology, diligence in mathematics and physical education
Phoebe Cox-Herring - first in English, social studies, food technology, art and science, diligence in science and hard materials technology
Joshua Cross - first in science
Tayla Frost - diligence in English
Liam Grant - first in physical education
Jared Hayes - first in physical education, diligence in food technology
Joshua Houghton-Phillips - first in horticulture, diligence in science and English
Braedon Johnston - diligence in graphics
Grace Michelle - diligence in health, art, social studies and mathematics
Clara Scoon - first in English, mathematics and social studies
Richard Scott - first in mathematics, diligence in physical education
Shawn Taylor - first in health
Molly Whitaker-Flett - diligence in horticulture

Year 8
Meg Clark - first in English
Callum Davie - Littlejohn Prize for first in mathematics, first in science, Maori, hard materials technology and information technology, diligence in health
Jacob Gillies - diligence in hard materials technology
Harley Herbert - first in science and physical education, diligence in hard materials technology
Jordan Hunt - first in hard materials technology
Ben Hutton - first in social studies
Hamish Lowery - diligence in physical education
Joseph Mills - diligence in Maori
Patrick Norman - diligence in social studies
Emma Paul - first in English, art, physical education and health, diligence in mathematics and science
Annabelle Philps - first in art and Maori
Regan Roxburgh - first in English and mathematics, diligence in mathematics, science and art
Tarryn Roxburgh - first in social studies, diligence in English, art and information technology
Heather West - diligence in Maori
Hoani Wipaki - diligence in physical education
Olivia Woodley - diligence in English and social studies

Year 7
Brianna Boereboom - first in hard materials technology
Harley Butler - first in physical education
Mia Flannery - first in English, science, French, music, art and hard materials technology, diligence in health
Rose Gibson - diligence in hard materials technology
Mya Grant - first in health, diligence in physical education
Morganne-Lee Greene - first in social studies, health, food & soft materials technology, diligence in mathematics and English
Holly Griffin - first in science
Kaleb Hill - first in mathematics
Alena Johnston - diligence in French
Jimmy Jordan - diligence in science
Jack Lockhart - diligence in art
Jake McClean - first in mathematics, diligence in physical education
Jessica Michelle - diligence in hard materials technology
Allie Nixon - diligence in social studies
Josh Sanders - diligence in food & soft materials technology
Kyerah Smith - first in art and French, diligence in English, social studies and music
Phoenix Theobald - diligence in music
Abby Walker - first in English, French and music, diligence in mathematics, health and food & soft materials technology
Kristin Willis - first in social studies, food & soft materials technology and physical education, diligence in art and science

Jackson Anderson - contribution & achievement in junior rugby
Sam Brown - intermediate boys cross country
Harley Butler - minor boys cross country
Kaleb Fegan - intermediate boys swimming
Atiya Fraser - minor girls athletics
Abbey Frost - senior girls cross country
Tayla Frost - junior girls athletics, junior netball
Mackenzie Frost - contribution to netball
Alicia Gillies - intermediate girls swimming
Jacob Gillies - minor boys athletics
Tayla Gold - junior girls athletics, intermediate girls cross country
Bree Grant - most valuable girl touch player
Liam Grant - most valuable senior hockey player
Morganne-Lee Greene - junior hockey
Dylan Greer - senior boys athletics, senior boys cross country
Holly Griffin - minor girls cross country
Nikki Hall - senior netball
Toni Hall - volleyball
Jared Hayes - junior boys athletics
Kaleb Hayes - intermediate boys athletics
Harley Herbert - junior boys cross country, best all round junior hockey player
Sam MacDonald - greatest contribution to rugby
Aiden Mallon - junior boys swimming
Jorjah Mason-Waru - intermediate girls athletics, most consistent netball player at SISS tournament
Rhys Mathieson - contribution & merit in cricket, senior boys swimming
Emma Paul - junior girls cross country, junior girls swimming, most valuable junior touch player
Caleb Philps - most improved rugby player
Georgia Pringle - senior girls swimming
Josh Sanders - minor boys swimming
Calum Scoon - most improved senior hockey player
Nicholas Shaw - most valuable boy touch player
Terri Thomas - senior girls athletics
Kristin Willis - minor girls swimming

Kane Bassett - senior oratory competition
Bronson Blackbourn - junior drama
Oliver Blackbourn - junior drama
Callum Davie - junior music
Zayde Francis - year 8 oral competition
Holly Griffin - year 7 oral competition
Joseph Mills - junior music
Patrick Norman - junior music
Annabelle Philps - year 8 oral competition
Shylo Waitere - mana award for excellence in kapa haka
Lucas Wilkinson - most promising musician and senior music trophy

Ransome Awards for diligence and progress not otherwise recognised in years 7-10:
Devon Cross, Ataera Mason-Waru (year 7),
Jasmine Boulton, Matthew Fyfe (year 8)
Kaleb Cain, Laura Wilkinson (year 9)
Bronson Blackbourn, Laura Dunlop, Cody Keen, Sophie McDonald, Reuben Wilson (year 10)
Monica Beck - diligence & progress in senior school not otherwise recognised
Kane Bassett - Brian Buschl Carpe Diem Award - for the student who makes the most of opportunities
Bronson Blackbourn - Lions Trophy for junior boys citizenship, Duffy Memorial Prize for the best all round pupil junior school
Brei Dickie - Lions Trophy for junior girls citizenship
William Jordan - Dickinson Shield for senior boys citizenship, academic diligence cup, Vollweiler Family tertiary scholarship
Rhys Mathieson - Rotary tertiary scholarship
Natasha Maybee - Dickinson Shield for senior girls citizenship, J B Roy Prize for student who best fulfils the school motto – learning, self-control, courtesy
Georgia Pringle - dux, principal’s leadership award, best all round sportswoman, University of Otago Leaders of Tomorrow scholarship
James Scanlan - Duffy Memorial Prize for the best all round pupil in the junior school
Nicholas Shaw - dux, principal’s leadership award, best all round sportsman, University of Otago Leaders of Tomorrow scholarship, Otago Polytechnic Principal’s Scholarship Award
Terri Thomas - University of Otago Leaders of Tomorrow scholarship
Joint Dux - Georgia Pringle & Nicholas Shaw

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