Student Log Book

The Student Log Book and Learning Curve is one of the most useful tools students have while at high school.
Students are expected to bring it to every lesson.
We ask parents to check it frequently, sign it each week and speak with their child about anything in there.

The Learning Curve aspects of the Log Book are designed to increase the thinking and learning skills of our students as they progress through our school.
It links home and school through its well-designed pages and accompanying website links.

Behaviour Management Handbook

For 2012 and beyond, a handbook for teachers has been developed that sets out the behaviour management for teaching and learning at Tokomairiro High School. The objective of this handbook is to develop a trusting learning atmosphere in all situations, across all classrooms, that encourages all individuals to achieve to their potential. The handbook sets clear expectations and procedures that acknowledge behaviour and the link to learning. It also sets out the processes in place to support students to develop their ability to self manage.
Behaviour Management for Teaching & Learning

Parent and Student Portal

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