Tokomairiro High School News Feed Tokomairiro High School School Calendar<h3>All events can be found on our <a href=";ctz=Pacific/Auckland ">School Calendar.</a></h3> <br /> <br /> <br type="_moz" />1397131200 Calendar Swimming Sports Results 2014 Swimming Sports Results 2014<br /> Held on Thursday 27th March&nbsp;<br /> <br /> <strong>House Points</strong><br /> 1st Ayson 2835<br /> 2nd Malcolm 2602<br /> 3rd Reid 1746<br /> 4th Ross 1486<br /> <br /> <strong>Minor Boys</strong><br /> <u>33m Backstroke (Record 25.90sec)</u><br /> 1st Thomas Paul (35.60s)<br /> 2nd Jacob Gillies<br /> 3rd Hoani Wipaki<br /> <u>66m Backstroke (Record 1.04.56sec)</u><br /> 1st Thomas Paul (1.24.34s)<br /> 2nd Hoani Wipaki<br /> 3rd Joshua Allen<br /> <u>33m Freestyle (Record 21.78sec)</u><br /> 1st Thomas Paul (26.66s)<br /> 2nd Oliver Maniapoto<br /> 3rd Jacob Gillies<br /> <u>66m Freestyle (Record 48.97sec)</u><br /> 1st Thomas Paul (1.06.18s)<br /> 2nd Oliver Maniapoto<br /> 3rd Aiden Mallon<br /> <u>33m Breaststroke (Record 28.55sec)</u><br /> 1st Harley Herbert (51.13s)<br /> 2nd Aiden Mallon<br /> 3rd Mathew Fyfe<br /> <u>66m Breaststroke (Record 1.14.7sec)</u><br /> 1st Harley Herbert (2.18.75s)<br /> 2nd Aiden Mallon<br /> 3rd Mathew Fyfe<br /> <u>33m Butterfly (Record24.41sec)</u><br /> <strong>Champions</strong><br /> 1st Thomas Paul<br /> 2nd Aiden Mallon<br /> 3rd Harley Herbert<br /> <u>Non Champs 33m Freestyle</u><br /> 1st Hamish Lowery (31.85s)<br /> 2nd Olly Milburn<br /> 3rd Ethan Walker<br /> <u>Non Champs 33m Backstroke</u><br /> 1st Joseph Lomas-Carr (40.66s)<br /> 2nd Ethan Walker<br /> 3rd Ben Hutton<br /> <u>Run</u><br /> 1st Ethan Walker<br /> 2nd Hoani Wipaki<br /> 3rd Liam Ferguson<br /> <u>Underwater Swim</u><br /> 1st Thomas Paul<br /> 2nd Jacob Gillies<br /> 3rd Oliver Maniapoto<br /> <u>Floatboard</u><br /> 1st Aaron Taane-Carr<br /> <u>Dog Paddle</u><br /> 1st Callum Davie<br /> 2nd Zayde Francis<br /> 3rd Joseph Mills<br /> <br /> <strong>Minor Girls</strong><br /> <u>33m Backstroke (Record 26.93sec)</u><br /> 1st Emma Paul (32.09s)<br /> 2nd Mereana Phillips<br /> 3rd Megan Stringer<br /> <u>66m Backstroke (Record 60.80sec)</u><br /> 1st Amy Lockhart (2.17.66s)<br /> <u>33m Freestyle (Record 22.37sec)</u><br /> 1st Emma Paul (24.53s)<br /> 2nd Mereana Phillips<br /> 3rd Amy Lockhart<br /> <u>66m Freestyle (Record 49.35sec)</u><br /> 1st Emma Paul (1.05.00s)<br /> 2nd Megan Stringer<br /> <u>33m Breaststroke (Record 29.00sec)</u><br /> 1st Emma Paul (36.20s)<br /> 2nd Mereana Phillips<br /> 3rd Amy Lockhart<br /> <u>66m Breaststroke (Record 1.12.18sec)</u><br /> 1st Emma Paul (1.25.56s)<br /> 2nd Amy Lockhart<br /> <strong>Champions</strong><br /> 1st Emma Paul<br /> 2nd Amy Lockhart<br /> 3rd Mereana Phillips<br /> <u>Non Champs 33m Freestyle</u><br /> 1st Meg Clark (35.00s)<br /> 2nd Paige Mackie<br /> 3rd Holly Clarke<br /> <u>Non Champs 33m Backstroke</u><br /> 1st Annabelle Philps (40.91s)<br /> 2nd Jorden Dickie<br /> 3rd Azaria Thomas-Kavanagh<br /> <u>Run</u><br /> 1st Annabelle Philps<br /> 2nd Mereana Phillips<br /> 3rd Emma Paul<br /> <u>Underwater Swim</u><br /> 1st Paige Mackie<br /> 2nd Emma Paul<br /> 3rd Annabelle Philps<br /> <u>Floatboard</u><br /> 1st Rebecca Coleman<br /> 2nd Jorden Dickie<br /> 3rd Paige Mackie<br /> <u>Dog Paddle</u><br /> 1st Summer Carter<br /> 2nd Meg Clark<br /> 3rd Rebecca Coleman<br /> <br /> <strong>Junior Boys</strong><br /> <u>33m Backstroke (Record 22.81sec)</u><br /> 1st Kaleb Fegan (26.28s)<br /> 2nd Levin Coulter-Butler<br /> 3rd Liam Gibson<br /> <u>66m Backstroke (Record 1.00.59sec)</u><br /> 1st Kaleb Fegan (1.04.94s)<br /> 2nd Liam Gibson<br /> <u>33m Freestyle (Record 19.33sec)</u><br /> 1st Liam Gibson (24.23s)<br /> 2nd Levin Coulter-Butler<br /> 3rd Liam Grant<br /> <u>66m Freestyle (Record 41.85sec)</u><br /> 1st Kaleb Fegan (57.53s)<br /> 2nd Liam Gibson<br /> 3rd Liam Grant<br /> <u>33m Breaststroke (Record 27.56sec)</u><br /> 1st Kaleb Fegan (39.37s)<br /> 2nd Liam Gibson<br /> <u>66m Breaststroke (Record 1.05.26sec)</u><br /> 1st Kaleb Fegan (1.14.22s)<br /> <u>33m Butterfly (Record 21.25sec)</u><br /> 1st Kaleb Fegan (41.06s)<br /> 2nd Liam Gibson<br /> <strong>Champions</strong><br /> 1st Kaleb Fegan<br /> 2nd Liam Gibson<br /> 3rd Levin Coulter-Butler<br /> <u>Non Champs 33m Freestyle</u><br /> 1st Richard Scott (27.06s)<br /> 2nd Jadin Coulter-Butler<br /> 3rd Matthew Herbert<br /> <u>Non Champs 33m Backstroke</u><br /> 1st Richard Scott (33.75s)<br /> 2nd Cairo Lambert<br /> <u>Run</u><br /> 1st Richard Scott<br /> 2nd Levin Coulter-Butler<br /> 3rd Jadin Coulter-Butler<br /> <u>Underwater Swim</u><br /> 1st Levin Coulter-Butler<br /> 2nd Richard Scott<br /> 3rd Kaleb Fegan<br /> <u>Floatboard</u><br /> 1st Austin Burgess<br /> 2nd Felix Gillan<br /> <u>Dog Paddle</u><br /> 1st Austin Burgess<br /> 2nd Kaleb Cain<br /> 3rd Jadin Coulter-Butler<br /> <br /> <strong>Junior Girls</strong><br /> <u>33m Backstroke (Record 25.54sec)</u><br /> 1st Millicent Geary (38.10s)<br /> 2nd Grace Michelle<br /> <u>33m Freestyle (Record 21.12sec)<br /> </u>1st Alicia Gillies (28.34s)<br /> 2nd Millicent Geary<br /> 3rd Grace Michelle<br /> <u>66m Freestyle (Record 46.31sec)</u><br /> 1st Alicia Gillies (1.12.22s)<br /> <u>33m Breaststroke (Record 27.08sec)</u><br /> 1st Alicia Gillies (46.07s)<br /> 2nd Millicent Geary<br /> 3rd Grace Michelle<br /> <u>66m Breaststroke (Record 1.23.16sec)</u><br /> 1st Millicent Geary (2.47.50s)<br /> 2nd Grace Michelle<br /> <strong>Champions</strong><br /> 1st Millicent Geary<br /> 2nd= Alicia Gillies, Grace Michelle<br /> <u>Non Champs 33m Freestyle</u><br /> 1st Jade Findlay (29.00s)<br /> 2nd Laura Wilkinson<br /> 3rd Tayla Gold<br /> <u>Non Champs 33m Backstroke</u><br /> 1st Laura Wilkinson (40.03s)<br /> 2nd Clara Scoon<br /> 3rd Phoebe Johnston<br /> <u>Run</u><br /> 1st Tia Valli<br /> 2nd Tayla Gold<br /> 3rd Kelsey Carter<br /> <u>Underwater Swim</u><br /> 1st Jade Findlay<br /> 2nd Tayla Gold<br /> 3rd Shayna Lloyd<br /> <u>Dog Paddle</u><br /> 1st Kelsey Carter<br /> 2nd Brigitte Clarke<br /> 3rd Jade Findlay<br /> <br /> <strong>Intermediate Boys</strong><br /> <u>33m Backstroke (Record 20.16sec)</u><br /> 1st Reuben Wilson (28.53s)<br /> 2nd James Scanlan<br /> 3rd Ben Pepper<br /> <u>66m Backstroke (Record 43.38sec)</u><br /> 1st James Scanlan (1.21.16s)<br /> 2nd Ben Pepper<br /> <u>33m Freestyle (Record 17.07sec)</u><br /> 1st Reuben Wilson (22.05s)<br /> 2nd James Scanlan<br /> 3rd Jackson Anderson<br /> <u>66m Freestyle (Record 37.94sec)</u><br /> 1st James Scanlan (55.91s)<br /> 2nd Reuben Wilson<br /> 3rd Ben Pepper<br /> <u>100m Freestyle (Record 1.12.41sec)</u><br /> 1st James Scanlan (1.30.29s)<br /> 2nd Reuben Wilson<br /> 3rd Joe Pepper<br /> <u>33m Breaststroke (Record 23.81sec)</u><br /> 1st Jackson Anderson (35.93s)<br /> 2nd Reuben Wilson<br /> 3rd Joe Pepper<br /> <u>66m Breaststroke (Record 56.02sec)</u><br /> 1st Jackson Anderson (1.29.13s)<br /> <strong>Champions</strong><br /> 1st James Scanlan<br /> 2nd Reuben Wilson<br /> 3rd Ben Pepper<br /> <u>Non Champs 33m Freestyle</u><br /> 1st Kobi Oliver (25.09s)<br /> 2nd Lucas Wilkinson<br /> 3rd Reihana Mason-Waru<br /> <u>Non Champs 33m Backstroke</u><br /> 1st Reihana Mason-Waru (29.13s)<br /> 2nd Lucas Wilkinson<br /> 3rd Kobi Oliver<br /> <u>Run</u><br /> 1st Ryan Weatherall<br /> 2nd Sam Brown<br /> 3rd Justin Perkins<br /> <u>Underwater Swim</u><br /> 1st Kerrin Hall<br /> 2nd Kain Walker<br /> 3rd Shylo Waitere<br /> <u>Floatboard</u><br /> 1st Jahn Swain<br /> 2nd Atrael Thomas-Kavanagh<br /> 3rd Bronson Blackbourn<br /> <u>Dog Paddle</u><br /> 1st Oliver Blackbourn<br /> 2nd Jahn Swain<br /> 3rd Atrael Thomas-Kavanagh<br /> <br /> <strong>Intermediate Girls</strong><br /> <u>33m Backstroke (Record 24.45sec)</u><br /> 1st Nadia Lloyd (29.72s)<br /> 2nd Nikki Hall<br /> 3rd Laura Scanlan<br /> <u>66m Backstroke (record 52.69sec)</u><br /> 1st Laura Scanlan (1.27.13s)<br /> 2nd Maria Scott<br /> <u>33m Freestyle (Record 21.17sec)</u><br /> 1st Nadia Lloyd (25.25s)<br /> 2nd Nikki Hall<br /> 3rd Laura Scanlan<br /> <u>66m Freestyle (Record 47.20sec)</u><br /> 1st Laura Scanlan (1.14.56s)<br /> <u>33m Breaststroke (Record 25.80sec)</u><br /> 1st Maria Scott (46.06s)<br /> <u>66m Breaststroke (Record 1.05.98sec)</u><br /> <strong>Champions</strong><br /> 1st Laura Scanlan<br /> 2nd Maria Scott<br /> 3rd Nadia Lloyd<br /> <u>Non Champs 33m Freestyle</u><br /> 1st Caitlyn Anderton (34.90s)<br /> 2nd Rebecca Hutton <br /> 3rd Shannon Hollebon<br /> <u>Non Champs 33m Backstroke</u><br /> 1st Kirby McLellan (38.38s)<br /> 2nd Brittany Barkman<br /> 3rd Rebecca Hutton<br /> <u>Run</u><br /> 1st Jorjah Mason-Waru<br /> 2nd Rebecca Hutton<br /> 3rd Brittany Barkman<br /> <u>Underwater Swim</u><br /> 1st Sophie McDonald<br /> 2nd Monique Perkins<br /> 3rd Ashleigh Walls<br /> <u>Floatboard</u><br /> 1st Ashleigh Walls<br /> 2nd Chantalle Fegan<br /> 3rd Abbey Frost<br /> <u>Dog Paddle</u><br /> 1st McKenzie Carter<br /> 2nd Zamira de Montgomery<br /> 3rd Alana Kerr<br /> <br /> <strong>Senior Boys</strong><br /> <u>33m Backstroke (Record 19.91sec)</u><br /> 1st Michael Tuari (26.50s)<br /> 2nd Chase Cole<br /> 3rd Nic Shaw<br /> <u>66m Backstroke (Record 43.02sec)</u><br /> 1st Rhys Mathieson (1.15.03s)<br /> 2nd Sam Still<br /> <u>33m Freestyle (Record 17.57sec)</u><br /> 1st Sam Fischli (19.97s)<br /> 2nd Michael Tuari<br /> 3rd Nic Shaw<br /> <u>66m Freestyle (Record 39.68sec)</u><br /> 1st Rhys Mathieson (50.22s)<br /> 2nd Sam Fischli<br /> 3rd Matthew Whitaker<br /> <u>100m Freestyle (Record 1.04.47sec)</u><br /> 1st Rhys Mathieson (1.21.43s)<br /> 2nd Matthew Whitaker<br /> 3rd Nic Shaw<br /> <u>33m Breaststroke (Record 22.56sec)</u><br /> 1st Michael Tuari (28.50s)<br /> 2nd Matthew Whitaker<br /> 3rd Rhys Mathieson<br /> <u>66m Breaststroke (Record 51.80sec)</u><br /> 1st Matthew Whitaker (1.10.25s)<br /> 2nd Rhys Mathieson<br /> 3rd Jordie Bungard<br /> <u>33m Butterfly (Record 18.21sec)</u><br /> 1st Taylor Moeahu (29.56s)<br /> 2nd Rhys Mathieson<br /> <strong>Champions</strong><br /> 1st Rhys Mathieson<br /> 2nd Matthew Whitaker<br /> 3rd Michael Tuari<br /> <br /> <strong>Senior Girls</strong><br /> <u>33m Backstroke (Record 23.82sec)</u><br /> 1st Toni Hall (27.63s)<br /> 2nd Georgia Pringle<br /> 3rd Ashleigh Walker<br /> <u>66m Backstroke (Record 51.17sec)</u><br /> 1st Toni Hall (1.08.75s)<br /> 2nd Georgia Pringle<br /> 3rd Katie Jewitt<br /> <u>33m Freestyle (Record 20.53sec)</u><br /> 1st Karta Hewitt (21.35s)<br /> 2nd Toni Hall<br /> 3rd Georgia Pringle<br /> <u>66m Freestyle (Record 47.27sec)</u><br /> 1st Karta Hewitt (50.84s)<br /> 2nd Toni Hall<br /> 3rd Georgia Pringle<br /> <u>100m Freestyle (Record 1.11.29sec)</u><br /> 1st Karta Hewitt (1.27.53s)<br /> <u>33m Breaststroke (Record 27.35sec)</u><br /> 1st Karta Hewitt (30.23s)<br /> 2nd Georgia Pringle<br /> 3rd Katie Jewitt<br /> <u>66m Breaststroke (Record 60.00sec)</u><br /> 1st Karta Hewitt (1.14.46s)<br /> <u>33m Butterfly (Record 22.39sec)</u><br /> 1st Toni Hall (31.18s)<br /> <strong>Champions</strong><br /> 1st Karta Hewitt<br /> 2nd Toni Hall<br /> 3rd Georgia Pringle<br /> <br /> <strong>House Relays</strong><br /> <u>Junior/Minor Boys (Record 1.39.57sec)</u><br /> 1st Ayson (1.49.16s)<br /> 2nd Malcolm<br /> 3rd Reid<br /> 4th Ross<br /> <u>Junior/Minor Girls (Record 1.51.28sec)</u><br /> 1st Ayson (2.06.34s)<br /> 2nd Malcolm<br /> 3rd Ross<br /> 4th Reid<br /> <u>Intermediate Boys (Record 1.34.24sec)</u><br /> 1st Ayson (1.38.03s)<br /> 2nd Malcolm<br /> 3rd Reid<br /> 4th Ross<br /> <u>Intermediate Girls (Record 1.37.62sec)</u><br /> 1st Malcolm (1.55.09s)<br /> 2nd Ayson<br /> 3rd Ross<br /> <u>Senior Girls (Record 1.32.58sec)</u><br /> 1st Malcolm (1.32.74s)<br /> 2nd Reid<br /> 3rd Ross<br /> 4th Ayson<br /> <br /> <br /> <br />1397131200 Sports Results 2014 THS Athletics Results 2014<h3>Minor Girls</h3> <em><strong>Track</strong></em><br /> <u>100m (Record 13.68s)</u><br /> 1st Tia Valli (14.84s),&nbsp;2nd Kelsey Carter,&nbsp;3rd Emma Paul<br /> <u>200m (Record 30.08s)</u><br /> 1st Tia Valli (32.06s),&nbsp;2nd Emma Paul,&nbsp;3rd Clara Scoon<br /> <u>400m (Record 66.97s)</u><br /> 1st Kelsey Carter (1.21.03),&nbsp;2nd Mereana Phillips,&nbsp;3rd Megan Stringer<br /> <u>1500m (Record 5.41.04s)</u><br /> 1st Meg Clark (6.44.47s)<br /> <strong>Track Champions</strong><br /> 1st Tia Valli,&nbsp;2nd Meg Clark,&nbsp;3rd Kelsey Carter<br /> <em><strong>Field</strong></em><br /> <u>Discus &ndash; 750gm (Record 21.68m)</u><br /> 1st Meg Clark (14.00m),&nbsp;2nd Rebecca Coleman,&nbsp;3rd Angel McLeod<br /> <u>Shot -3kg (Record 6.64m)</u><br /> 1st Annabelle Philps (4.96m),&nbsp;2nd Megan Stringer,&nbsp;3rd Grace Michelle<br /> <u>Javelin &ndash; 400gm (Record 18.70m)</u><br /> 1st Holly Clarke (9.24m),&nbsp;2nd Rebecca Coleman,&nbsp;3rd Azaria Thomas-Kavanagh<br /> <u>Long Jump (Record 4.00m)</u><br /> 1st Tia Valli (3.74m),&nbsp;2nd Emma Paul,&nbsp;3rd Meg Clark<br /> <u>High Jump (Record 1.27m)</u><br /> 1st Tia Valli <strong>(RECORD 1.31m),&nbsp;</strong>2nd Kelsey Carter,&nbsp;3rd Mereana Phillips<br /> <u>Triple Jump (Record 6.80m)</u><br /> 1st Emma Paul <strong>(RECORD 7.00m),&nbsp;</strong>2nd Jordan Hunt,&nbsp;3rd Jorden Dickie<br /> <strong>Field Champions</strong><br /> 1st Rebecca Coleman,&nbsp;2nd Emma Paul,&nbsp;3rd Tia Valli<br /> <u><strong>Overall Champion</strong></u><br /> 1st Tia Valli<br /> 2nd Emma Paul<br /> 3rd Meg Clark<br /> <h3>Minor Boys</h3> <em><strong>Track</strong></em><br /> <u>100m (Record 13.98s)</u><br /> 1st Hamish Lowery (14.63s),&nbsp;2nd Jacob Walls,&nbsp;3rd Cullum Davie<br /> <u>200m (Record 30.15s)</u><br /> 1st Felix Gillan (33.16s),&nbsp;2nd Hoani Wipaki,&nbsp;3rd Oliver Maniapoto <br /> <u>400m (Record 68.02s)</u><br /> 1st Jared Hayes (1.19.35s),&nbsp;2nd Olly Milburn,&nbsp;3rd Harry Greer<br /> <u>800m (Record 2.40.03s)</u><br /> 1st Jared Hayes (2.54.87s),&nbsp;2nd Hamish Lowery,&nbsp;3rd Jacob Gillies<br /> <u>1500m (Record 5.12.05s)</u><br /> 1st Daniel Hall (6.23.32s),&nbsp;2nd Harley Herbert<br /> <u>3000m (Record 11.23.00s)</u><br /> 1st Daniel Hall (13.41.49s),&nbsp;2nd Harley Herbert,&nbsp;3rd Aiden Mallon<br /> <strong>Track Champions</strong><br /> 1st= Jared Hayes, Daniel Hall,&nbsp;3rd Hamish Lowery<br /> <em><strong>Field</strong></em><br /> <u>Discus - 1kg (Record 21.33m)</u><br /> 1st Jacob Walls (15.45m),&nbsp;2nd Zayde Francis,&nbsp;3rd Joseph Mills<br /> <u>Shot - 3.5kg (Record 8.53m)</u><br /> 1st Ethan Walker (8.03m),&nbsp;2nd Hoani Wipaki,&nbsp;3rd Angus Hewett<br /> <u>Javelin - 600g (Record 22.90m)</u><br /> 1st Harley Herbert (14.44m),&nbsp;2nd Ethan Walker,&nbsp;3rd Angus Hewett<br /> <u>Long Jump (Record 4.50m)</u><br /> 1st Jared Hayes (4.20m),&nbsp;2nd Oliver Maniapoto,&nbsp;3rd Olly Milburn<br /> <u>High Jump (Record 1.31m)</u><br /> 1st Jared Hayes <strong>(RECORD 1.33m),&nbsp;</strong>2nd Oliver Maniapoto,&nbsp;3rd Jack Hopkins<br /> <u>Triple Jump (8.16m)</u><br /> 1st Jared Hayes (7.91m),&nbsp;2nd Jacob Walls,&nbsp;3rd Harry Greer<br /> <strong>Field Champions</strong><br /> 1st Jared Hayes,&nbsp;2nd Ethan Walker,&nbsp;3rd= Jacob Walls, Angus Hewett<br /> <u><strong>Overall Champions</strong></u><br /> 1st Jared Hayes<br /> 2nd Jacob Walls<br /> 3rd Harley Herbert<br /> <h3>Junior Girls</h3> <em><strong>Track</strong></em><br /> <u>100m (Record 13.04s)</u><br /> 1st Jorjah Mason-Waru (14.25s),&nbsp;2nd Monique Perkins,&nbsp;3rd Madison Hoera<br /> <u>200m (Record 28.06s)</u><br /> 1st Monique Perkins (30.75s),&nbsp;2nd Phoebe Cox-Herring,&nbsp;3rd Tayla Frost<br /> <u>400m (Record 65.01s)</u><br /> 1st Monique Perkins (1.16.78s),&nbsp;2nd Mackenzie Frost,&nbsp;<br /> 3rd Abbey Frost<br /> <u>800m (Record 2.41.01s)</u><br /> 1st Abbey Frost (3.19.25s)<br /> <u>1500m (Record 5.28.04s)</u><br /> 1st Tayla Gold (6.46.81s)<br /> <u>3000m (Record 11.48.12s)</u><br /> 1st Tayla Gold (17.12.99s),&nbsp;2nd Millicent Geary<br /> <strong>Track Champions</strong><br /> 1st Monique Perkins,&nbsp;2nd Tayla Gold,&nbsp;3rd Abbey Frost<br /> <em><strong>Field</strong></em><br /> <u>Discus &ndash; 1kg (Record 25.45m)</u><br /> 1st Khloe Johnston (18.60m)<br /> 2nd Mackenzie Frost<br /> 3rd Caitlyn Anderton<br /> <u>Shot - 3.5kg (Record 8.36m)</u><br /> 1st Nikki Hall (6.71m)<br /> 2nd Khloe Johnston<br /> 3rd Jess Thin<br /> <u>Javelin - 600g (Record 22.75m)</u><br /> 1st Mackenzie Frost (20.45m),&nbsp;2nd Khloe Johnston,&nbsp;3rd Alana Kerr<br /> <u>Long Jump (Record 4.36m)</u><br /> 1st Madison Hoera (4.13m),&nbsp;2nd Nikki Hall,&nbsp;3rd Jorjah Mason-Waru<br /> <u>High Jump (Record 1.42m)</u><br /> 1st Mackenzie Frost (1.14m),&nbsp;2nd Phoebe Johnston,&nbsp;3rd Tayla Frost<br /> <u>Triple Jump(Record 9.17m)</u><br /> 1st Monique Perkins (9.04m),&nbsp;2nd Phoebe Cox-Herring,&nbsp;3rd Tayla Gold<br /> <strong>Field Champions</strong><br /> 1st Mackenzie Frost,&nbsp;2nd Khloe Johnston,&nbsp;3rd Nikki Hall<br /> <u><strong>Overall Champions</strong></u><br /> 1st Monique Perkins<br /> 2nd Mackenzie Frost<br /> 3rd Tayla Gold<br /> <h3>Junior Boys</h3> <em><strong>Track</strong></em><br /> <u>100m (Record 12.30s)</u><br /> 1st Justin Perkins (12.87s),&nbsp;2nd Sam Walker,&nbsp;3rd Sam Brown<br /> <u>200m (Record 24.28s)</u><br /> 1st Justin Perkins (27.07s),&nbsp;2nd James Scanlan,&nbsp;3rd Kain Walker<br /> <u>400m (Record 57.96s)</u><br /> 1st Justin Perkins (69.85s),&nbsp;2nd Calum Scoon,&nbsp;3rd Levin Coulter-Butler<br /> <u>800m (Record 2.27.04s)</u><br /> 1st Liam Jeffery (2.43.75s),&nbsp;2nd Calum Scoon<br /> <u>1500m (Record 4.56.01s)</u><br /> 1st Kellan Crowie (7.11.88s)<br /> <u>3000m (Record 11.03.01s)</u><br /> 1st Kellan Crowie (15.07.06s)<br /> <strong>Track Champions</strong><br /> 1st Justin Perkins,&nbsp;2nd Kellan Crowie,&nbsp;3rd Calum Scoon<br /> <em><strong>Field</strong></em><br /> <u>Discus - 1kg (Record 32.39m)</u><br /> 1st Sam Brown (21.85m),&nbsp;2nd Reuben Wilson,&nbsp;3rd Sam Walker<br /> <u>Shot - 4kg (Record 11.73m)</u><br /> 1st Kain Walker (8.26m),&nbsp;2nd Jackson Anderson,&nbsp;3rd Rawiri Mason-Waru<br /> <u>Javelin - 600g (Record 31.40m)</u><br /> 1st Dylan Lee (26.75m),&nbsp;2nd Sam Brown,&nbsp;3rd Jackson Anderson<br /> <u>Long Jump (Record 5.13m)</u><br /> 1st Justin Perkins (4.70m),&nbsp;2nd Sam Brown,&nbsp;3rd James Scanlan<br /> <u>High Jump (Record 1.525m)</u><br /> 1st Dylan Lee (1.40m),&nbsp;2nd Justin Perkins,&nbsp;3rd James Scanlan<br /> <u>Triple Jump (Record 9.45m)</u><br /> 1st James Scanlan (9.42m),&nbsp;2nd Richard Scott,&nbsp;3rd Rawiri Mason-Waru<br /> <strong>Field Champions</strong><br /> 1st Sam Brown,&nbsp;2nd Dylan Lee,&nbsp;3rd Justin Perkins<br /> <u><strong>Overall Champions</strong></u><br /> 1st Justin Perkins<br /> 2nd Sam Brown<br /> 3rd Kain Walker<br /> <h3>Intermediate Girls</h3> <em><strong>Track</strong></em><br /> <u>100m (Record 13.02s)</u><br /> 1st Karta Hewitt (14.43s),&nbsp;2nd Adorique May,&nbsp;3rd Nadia Lloyd<br /> <u>200m (Record 28.01s)</u><br /> 1st Karta Hewitt (30.30s),&nbsp;2nd Adorique May,&nbsp;3rd Rachel Thompson<br /> <u>400m (Record 67.03s)</u><br /> 1st Adorique May (1.20.25s)<br /> <u>800m (Record 2.21.86s)</u><br /> 1st Katie Jewitt (3.50.47s)<br /> <u>1500m (Record 5.32.55s)</u><br /> 1st Katie Jewitt (7.54.22s)<br /> <strong>Track Champions</strong><br /> 1st= Katie Jewitt, Adorique May,&nbsp;3rd Karta Hewitt<br /> <em><strong>Field</strong></em><br /> <u>Discus - 1kg (Record 27.33m)</u><br /> 1st Poppy Hasler (16.70m),&nbsp;2nd Jess Carr,&nbsp;3rd Jess Walker<br /> <u>Shot - 3.5kg (Record 9.70m)</u><br /> 1st Jess Carr (7.43m),&nbsp;2nd Shannon Hollebon,&nbsp;3rd Jessica Hutton<br /> <u>Javelin - 600g (Record 30.28m)</u><br /> 1st Jess Carr (15.57m),&nbsp;2nd Kyla Carruthers,&nbsp;3rd Ella Brock<br /> <u>Long Jump (Record 4.70m)</u><br /> 1st Karta Hewitt (4.29m),&nbsp;2nd Jess Walker,&nbsp;3rd Sam Drinnan<br /> <u>High Jump (Record 1.455m)</u><br /> 1st Karta Hewitt (1.30m),&nbsp;2nd Maria Scott,&nbsp;3rd Poppy Hasler<br /> <u>Triple Jump (Record 9.47m)</u><br /> 1st Karta Hewitt (8.87m),&nbsp;2nd Adorique May,&nbsp;3rd Maria Scott<br /> <strong>Field Champions</strong><br /> 1st Karta Hewitt,&nbsp;2nd Jess Carr,&nbsp;3rd Maria Scott<br /> <u><strong>Overall Champions</strong></u><br /> 1st Karta Hewitt<br /> 2nd Adorique May<br /> 3rd Katie Jewitt<br /> <h3>Intermediate Boys</h3> <em><strong>Track</strong></em><br /> <u>100m (Record 11.80s)</u><br /> 1st Matthew Roxburgh (12.40s),&nbsp;2nd Sam Fischli,&nbsp;3rd Reihana Mason-Waru<br /> <u>200m (Record 24.12s)</u><br /> 1st Matthew Roxburgh (25.41s),&nbsp;2nd Henry Cox-Herring,&nbsp;3rd Kobi Oliver<br /> <u>400m (Record 57.01s)</u><br /> 1st Sam Fischli (61.88s),&nbsp;2nd Kobi Oliver,&nbsp;3rd Sam MacDonald<br /> <u>800m (Record 2.13.03s)</u><br /> 1st Kobi Oliver (2.38.22s),&nbsp;2nd Henry Cox-Herring,&nbsp;3rd Sam MacDonald<br /> <u>3000m (Record 9.46.02s)</u><br /> 1st Henry Cox-Herring (12.34.50s)<br /> <strong>Track Champions</strong><br /> 1st Henry Cox-Herring,&nbsp;2nd Kobi Oliver,&nbsp;3rd Matthew Roxburgh<br /> <em><strong>Field</strong></em><br /> <u>Discus - 1.25kg (Record 33.45m)</u><br /> 1st Shane Patrick (25.75m),&nbsp;2nd Campbell Scott,&nbsp;3rd Kaleb Hayes<br /> <u>Shot - 5kg (Record 11.70m)</u><br /> 1st Sam Fischli (9.91m),&nbsp;2nd Matthew Roxburgh,&nbsp;3rd Kaleb Hayes<br /> <u>Javelin - 700g (Record 39.26m)</u><br /> 1st Sam Fischli (27.98m),&nbsp;2nd Bryce Aldworth,&nbsp;3rd Kaleb Hayes<br /> <u>Long Jump (Record 5.81m)</u><br /> 1st Henry Cox-Herring (4.92m),&nbsp;2nd Bryce Aldworth,&nbsp;3rd Reihana Mason-Waru<br /> <u>High Jump (Record 1.69m)</u><br /> 1st Kobi Oliver (1.53m),&nbsp;2nd Reihana Mason-Waru,&nbsp;3rd Campbell Thomas<br /> <u>Triple Jump (Record 10.87m)</u><br /> 1st William Jordan (8.40m),&nbsp;2nd Sam MacDonald<br /> <strong>Field Champions</strong><br /> 1st Sam Fischli,&nbsp;2nd Kaleb Hayes,&nbsp;3rd Reihana Mason-Waru<br /> <u><strong>Overall Champions</strong></u><br /> 1st Henry Cox-Herring<br /> 2nd Sam Fischli<br /> 3rd Matthew Roxburgh<br /> <h3>Senior Girls</h3> <strong>Track</strong><br /> <u>100m (Record 13.26s)</u><br /> 1st Lydia Hammersley (14.90s),&nbsp;2nd Jemima Aratema,&nbsp;3rd April Gray<br /> <u>200m (Record 28.35s)</u><br /> 1st Lydia Hammersley (31.80s),&nbsp;2nd April Gray,&nbsp;3rd Jemima Aratema<br /> <u>400m (Record 65.53s)</u><br /> 1st Lydia Hammersley (1.14.56s),&nbsp;2nd Terri Thomas,&nbsp;3rd Charlotte Allan<br /> <u>800m (Record 2.40.26s)</u><br /> 1st Terri Thomas (3.27.19s),&nbsp;2nd Olivia Adam<br /> <u>1500m (Record 5.37.68s)</u><br /> 1st Jemima Aratema (6.46.22s),&nbsp;2nd Terri Thomas,&nbsp;3rd Georgia Pringle<br /> <strong>Track Champions</strong><br /> 1st Lydia Hammersley,&nbsp;2nd Terri Thomas,&nbsp;3rd Jemima Aratema<br /> <em>Field</em><br /> <u>Discus - 1kg (Record 33.68m)</u><br /> 1st Linette Tatupu (23.00m),&nbsp;2nd Alyson Scurr,&nbsp;3rd Abbie McKay<br /> <u>Shot - 4kg (Record 10.64m)</u><br /> 1st Linette Tatupu (8.23m),&nbsp;2nd Alyson Scurr,&nbsp;3rd Nadia Foster<br /> <u>Javelin - 600g (Record 29.80m)</u><br /> 1st Linette Tatupu (20.20m),&nbsp;2nd Nadia Foster,&nbsp;3rd Jemima Aratema<br /> <u>Long Jump (Record 4.65m)</u><br /> 1st Terri Thomas (4.31m),&nbsp;2nd Lydia Hammersley,&nbsp;3rd April Gray<br /> <u>High Jump (Record 1.48m)</u><br /> 1st Jemima Aratema (1.24m),&nbsp;2nd Kelsi McKechnie<br /> <u>Triple Jump (Record 9.74m)</u><br /> 1st Terri Thomas (RECORD 9.87m),&nbsp;2nd Lydia Hammersley,&nbsp;3rd Kelsi McKechnie<br /> <strong>Field Champions</strong><br /> 1st Linette Tatupu,&nbsp;2nd Terri Thomas,&nbsp;3rd Kelsi McKechnie<br /> <u><strong>Overall Champions</strong></u><br /> 1st= Lydia Hammersley, Terri Thomas<br /> 3rd Jemima Aratema <br /> <h3>Senior Boys</h3> <em><strong>Track</strong></em><br /> <u>100m (Record 11.45s)</u><br /> 1st Michael Tuari (12.60s),&nbsp;2nd Nic Shaw,&nbsp;3rd Rowan Blackbourn<br /> <u>200m (Record 24.00s)</u><br /> 1st Michael Tuari (26.90s),&nbsp;2nd Nic Shaw,&nbsp;3rd Rowan Blackbourn<br /> <u>400m (Record 55.06s)</u><br /> 1st Dylan Greer (64.38s),&nbsp;2nd Sharn Bungard<br /> <u>800m (Record 2.07.07s)</u><br /> 1st Rowan Blackbourn (2.46.63s),&nbsp;2nd Sam Still<br /> <u>1500m (Record 4.25.02s)</u><br /> 1st Dylan Greer (5.35.57s),&nbsp;2nd Matthew Whitaker,&nbsp;3rd Callum Walker<br /> <u>3000m (Record 10.14.03s)</u><br /> 1st Dylan Greer (12.12.40s),&nbsp;2nd Matthew Whitaker,&nbsp;3rd Jordie Bungard<br /> <strong>Track Champions</strong><br /> 1st Dylan Greer,&nbsp;2nd Matthew Whitaker,&nbsp;3rd Rowan Blackbourn<br /> <em><strong>Field</strong></em><br /> <u>Discus - 1.5kg (Record 36.91m)</u><br /> 1st Jordie Bungard (24.55m),&nbsp;2nd Corey Holden,&nbsp;3rd Jacky Scott<br /> <u>Shot - 5kg (Record 11.05m)</u><br /> 1st Corey Holden (10.60m),&nbsp;2nd Matthew Whitaker,&nbsp;3rd Rowan Blackbourn<br /> <u>Javelin - 700g (Record 42.64m)</u><br /> 1st Jacky Scott (32.32m),&nbsp;2nd Taylor Moeahu,&nbsp;3rd Michael Tuari<br /> <u>Long Jump (Record 5.86m)</u><br /> 1st Nic Shaw (5.44m),&nbsp;2nd Michael Tuari,&nbsp;3rd Tayne Butler<br /> <u>High Jump (Record 1.74m)</u><br /> 1st Michael Tuari (1.60m),&nbsp;2nd Jordie Bungard,&nbsp;3rd Jerrym Frost<br /> <u>Triple Jump (Record 12.25m)</u><br /> 1st Nic Shaw (11.50m),&nbsp;2nd Taylor Moeahu,&nbsp;3rd Jordie Bungard<br /> <strong>Field Champions</strong><br /> 1st= Jordie Bungard, Michael Tuari,&nbsp;3rd Nic Shaw<br /> <u><strong>Overall Champions</strong></u><br /> 1st Michael Tuari<br /> 2nd Jordie Bungard<br /> 3rd Nic Shaw<br /> <br /> <strong>800m Walk (Open Boys)</strong><br /> 1st Jordie Bungard (4.32.91s),&nbsp;2nd Matthew Whitaker,&nbsp;3rd= Sam MacDonald, Campbell Scott<br /> <strong>800m Walk (Open Girls)</strong><br /> 1st Abbie McKay (5.15.16s),&nbsp;2nd Tegan Tapp,&nbsp;3rd Katie Jewitt<br /> <br /> <strong>House Relay 4 x 100m</strong><br /> <u>Minor Girls (Record 64.15s)</u><br /> 1st Ayson (69.34s)<br /> 2nd Malcolm<br /> 3rd Ross<br /> 4th Reid<br /> Minor Boys (Record 60.31s)<br /> 1st Malcolm (63.22s),&nbsp;2nd Reid,&nbsp;3rd Ross,&nbsp;4th Ayson<br /> <u>Junior Girls (Record 59.02s)</u><br /> 1st Reid (63.74s),&nbsp;2nd Ross,&nbsp;3rd Malcolm,&nbsp;4th Ayson<br /> <u>Junior Boys (Record 54.53s)</u><br /> 1st Ayson (57.78s),&nbsp;2nd Reid,&nbsp;3rd Malcolm,&nbsp;4th Ross<br /> <u>Intermediate Girls (Record 58.02s)</u><br /> 1st Ayson (62.64s),&nbsp;2nd Ross,&nbsp;3rd Reid,&nbsp;4th Malcolm<br /> <u>Intermediate Boys (Record 51.94s)</u><br /> 1st Malcolm (54.94s),&nbsp;2nd Ross,&nbsp;3rd Ayson,&nbsp;4th Reid<br /> <u>Senior Girls (Record 57.60s)</u><br /> 1st Ayson (63.34s),&nbsp;2nd Ross,&nbsp;3rd Malcolm,&nbsp;4th Reid<br /> <u>Senior Boys (Record 48.88s)</u><br /> 1st Ross (52.18s),&nbsp;2nd Ayson,&nbsp;3rd Malcolm,&nbsp;4th Reid<br /> <br /> <u><strong>House Points (points/students)</strong></u><br /> 1st Ayson (31.03)<br /> 2nd Reid (30.22)<br /> 3rd Malcolm (25.92)<br /> 4th Ross (25.76)<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br type="_moz" />1394622000 Athletics Results 2014 Mr Wayne Edgar<h2>Principal July 2008 - December 2013</h2> Mr Wayne Edgar recently retired Tokomairiro High School Principal passed away on the 14th January 2014 due to an accident.<br /> It is hard to put into words what Wayne came to mean to our school, its community and our lives. We have all lost a friend, a colleague, a mentor and an example of how to be a better person. &nbsp;His legacy survives in us.<br /> Right from his first meeting with the BOT it was clear what sort of man Wayne was.&nbsp;&nbsp;He promised that his priority would always be about relationships and he never wavered from this. &nbsp;He loved hearing what the kids had to say on things that impacted on them, he listened to his staff and board.&nbsp;&nbsp;He used what he learned, to do his utmost to improve the lot of others.<br /> The man you met, face to face, was humble, quiet, and shy.&nbsp;&nbsp;The man you grew to know was intelligent, cautious, scrupulous and honest. His humour was subtle and positive. Wayne&rsquo;s strategic thinking was one of his real strengths. We used to call it, his ability to see around corners. His clarity of process meant that Tokomairiro High School and Tokomairiro Training blossomed under his guardianship.&nbsp;&nbsp;<br /> Wayne was easy to work with as you never doubted his motives and he could see where dangers may lurk.&nbsp;&nbsp;His memory was phenomenal, small detail and large, important information.&nbsp;&nbsp;He read widely, researching to enhance and refine his strategies. &nbsp;Wayne constantly sought improvement. One of his best sayings was that, &ldquo;there are no bananas left on the tree but the monkey still keeps climbing it&rdquo;. This meant that we have to look for new ways to do things in response to changes in education, not just keep doing what we have always done.&nbsp;Often the first conversation in the morning began with him saying, &ldquo;I woke at&nbsp;3:00&nbsp;this morning with an idea&hellip;&rdquo;&nbsp;&nbsp;His mind was never really far from his work.<br /> Wayne was a numbers man.&nbsp;&nbsp;He LOVED data and statistics.&nbsp;&nbsp;This drove his decision making and planning.&nbsp;&nbsp;The school&rsquo;s finances have never looked better but this was hardly surprising as he had a notoriously tightly zipped back pocket.&nbsp;&nbsp;He was always aware the money he was in charge of was not his own and needed to be protected.&nbsp; He was somewhat of a computer geek and loved the challenges technology presented.<br /> Wayne came to Milton nearly six years ago and joined the Rotary club and the golf club.&nbsp;&nbsp;The former remained an important part of his life here, the latter not so much but it did start his network of friendships off.&nbsp;&nbsp;Wayne worked long hours but also knew how to take time out with his fishing, cycling and his model airplane hobby. Conversations in the staffroom with some of his colleagues were often about flies and lures, perfect spots, cycling without seeing other vehicles, and so on.&nbsp;<br /> Since hearing the news of Wayne&rsquo;s death, the school office has been a flooded with friends of the school calling in, totally agog with disbelief.&nbsp;&nbsp;Their grief is genuine as men of Wayne&rsquo;s integrity are few and far between.&nbsp;<br /> We are struggling to accept that Wayne will not be here to learn how the things he set in motion are progressing.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;He is cherished, appreciated and loved by those of us who were lucky enough to have close working relationships with him.&nbsp;&nbsp;He and his wife Jan were a formidable pair. &nbsp;It is an unforgettable privilege to have learnt from him.<br /> <br />1390906800 Wayne Edgar