The Daily Life of our School from A-Z

Our students are at the centre of everything we do. Some features of the daily life of our school are as follows:

Celebrated along with the learning achievements of all of our students at our annual whole school prize giving, and regularly in school assemblies.

(a) Students must stay in the school grounds unless they have permission to leave.
(b) Students must attend all classes.

Attendance at school is compulsory while enrolled.  The school is required to know everyone's location during the day.  In the event of absence during school hours, students must bring a note/appointment card to a Deputy Principal at the start of the day, obtain a 'Permission To Be Out Of School' slip, and sign the 'Sign Out Book' at the school office.
(c) Absence
       (i) Parents are expected to notify the school office through the Skool Loop app or telephone the school office by 9.00am and leave details on the answer phone, or with office staff.  For safety reasons, after 9.00am, office staff,will ring or text parents of missing students.
      (ii) Students must bring a signed note from their parent or caregiver explaining their absence on their return to school.  The note must be sighted by the student's house group teacher.  
     (iii) If prolonged absence is likely (beyond two days), work can be organised and sent home.  Predicted absence should have the prior permission of the principal.
(d) If a student takes sick during the day they must report to the school office, where it will be decided if parents/caregivers need to be contacted. 

A highlight of our year. It is organised by our Year 13 students and is attended by students in Years 11-13.

The school has five bus routes. These are: Glenledi, Waihola (Circle Hill), Moneymore, Table Hill and Lovell’s Flat.
Students living more than 4.8 km from school are entitled to use the buses.
All buses arrive and leave from the bus park in Elizabeth Street.
Students living beyond the existing bus routes are entitled to a subsidy to the nearest point on the existing bus route.
Students bypassing a school to attend Tokomairiro High School may be charged a fee by the bus company.

Set camps include Year 8 (3 days), Year 10 (Tautuku, 3 days), Year 12/13 Geography and Year 12 Peer Support camp. Payment for these can be in instalments throughout the year. You will be notified of exact costs nearer the time of the camp.

(a) School Property
We ask that students look after school equipment and property so that it is handed on to
future students in as good or better condition than now.
Damage to school property must be reported immediately to the Deputy Principal. Students who damage, deface or lose school property are liable for the cost of replacement or repair.
(b) Personal Property
(i) Students are fully responsible for the care of any property they bring to school.
(ii) To assist students in (i)
     - all belongings must be named clearly
     - valuable items should not be brought to school unless they are personally insured and handed in for safe keeping when not in use.
     - items lost should be reported to the school office
     - the bike stands are out of bounds unless collecting or returning bikes, or scooters. We recommend that bikes be padlocked.
     - lockers are available upon request

We want our school to be a safe and pleasant environment where students have the freedom to learn, contribute and achieve to the best of their potential.
We regard as unacceptable any behaviour which removes the rights of students and teachers to a safe place.
(a) Hurting other people physically or verbally or using offensive language is unacceptable.
(b) Litter must be placed in the bins provided.
(c) Any damage must be reported immediately.

Careers Education programmes run from Year 10 through to Year 13, with some opportunities in Year 8 and 9.
The Skills Pathways and Gateway programmes, offered in Years 12 and 13, give students the opportunity to take part in an individualised programme based on their planned career path. This can involve a wide range of training opportunities, including study at Polytechnic and placement in industry.

Students are permitted to bring cell phones to school for personal use once they have signed the Cybersafety agreement.  The following guidelines must be adhered to:

  • Students are permitted to use their cell phones to text and make phone calls during interval and lunchtime.
  • Cell phones are to be in silent mode or turned off during the class time, including house group time and detentions.
  • Students may not use a cell phone in an inappropriate manner, e.g. to bully/harass other students.

(a) Students and parents who have a complaint or grievance should consult their Dean, the Guidance Counsellor or Deputy Principal. We do have a complaints process which is strictly monitored.
(b) The school’s ‘Complaints Procedure’ can be downloaded from the school website.

Those who wish to contact students during the school day, whether in person or by telephone, can do so through the School Office. Non-enrolled students must register at the school office when coming onto school grounds. Please do not phone or text your child during class times as students are not permitted to take personal calls outside of their break times.

These are given only by Deans, or the Deputy Principals, and are held after school on Mondays and Wednesdays, from 3.15pm - 4.15pm. Parents and students are given twenty-four hours notice. After school employment and bus arrangements will not be accepted as an excuse for non-attendance. If your child cannot attend a detention on the date given, they bring a signed note from their parent/caregiver to the DP and a new time may be arranged.

While this is part of the English curriculum at all levels, and an option class for Years 9 - 13, it is also an extra-curricular activity.
We have a major music/drama production at least once every two years, and in some years, students have been given the opportunity to go on tour.

In the event of storms, or other circumstances, requiring the School to be closed, a cancellation notice will be broadcast over Newstalk ZB (AM 1044) and 4XO Gold (AM 1206) between 7.00am and 8.00am, or an e-text will be sent.

All parents are welcome to attend these to join in the celebrations of a term’s activities. Check the Genesis for times.

It is preferred that you make an appointment to enrol your child. This is so that the appropriate staff may be released, you can meet with the Principal and uniform can be organised.

The school has the capability to send texts to parents cell phones as a way of sharing information. Parents can reply via text. It is very important you notify the school if your text number changes.

Tokomairiro High School is part of the government's fees scheme and does not charge school fees.

Common Charges
Chromebook - $50 bond (refundable at the end of the year if chromebook returned in good working order)
School Magazine - available by pre-order at the end of the school year.
In some curriculum areas there may be a user pay fee for items of take home value.

 A canteen operates each day at interval and lunch time. Canteen lunches are ordered in advance through our school office, or purchased over the counter.  Chewing gum/bubble gum and energy drinks are not allowed at school.

This school/community newspaper provides an opportunity for students to participate in a real, live, weekly newspaper, distributed right throughout our community. It contains the weekly newsletter to parents.

Most subjects at each level have the opportunity to provide extensions work. Within the school, students have the opportunity to be involved with a variety of options including: public speaking, debating, science fair, mathematics competitions, essay competitions. Selected students may study subjects ahead of their year level e.g. Year 10 students taking Year 11 courses. If you suspect your child has a particular gift or talent, please inform the school.

If you need support or advice when things are not going well for you either in school or out, you may like to consult the Guidance Counsellor or one of the Deans. You can be assured of a friendly reception and a sympathetic ear. If possible, make an appointment first.
Parents are also welcome to make appointments and may do so by phoning the school. As with doctors, Guidance Counsellors must not disclose any information about their clients without the client’s permission.

A health nurse visit our school once a week and holds clinics for students. These clinics are confidential to the health nurse and student.

Homework is an important part of learning and helps to develop good individual work habits. Homework is of value if it is done regularly.
Years 7 & 8 should do 45 minutes - 1 hour per night.
Years 9 & 10 should do 1 - 1½ hours per night.
Years 11, 12 & 13 (Seniors) should do at least 2 hours, increasing to 3 hours at examination time.
The student log book helps students to plan and organise their homework.
Parents can help by providing time and a suitable place for homework to be done, and checking that it is done regularly.
If there is a complication with homework being produced, a parental note in the log book is required.
A study guide is provided in the back of the log book.

The school operates a homework centre at times through the year. For this the library and its facilities are available for research and completion of homework assignments. Snacks and drinks are provided free of charge for all students who attend. The homework centre is staffed by the Librarian and attendance by students is voluntary. It is not an addition to the school discipline system, although staff may volunteer to tutor students there after school.

The school day begins at 8.40am and finishes at 3.10pm
There are five periods each day.
Lunch runs from 12.30pm to 1.10pm

Period 1 08.40am - 09.35am
Period 2 09.40am - 10.35am
INTERVAL 10.35am - 10.55am
Period 3 11.00am - 11.55am
Period 4 12.00pm - 12.55pm
LUNCH 12.55pm - 1.35pm
Assemblies, reading
and Form Time
1.40pm - 2.10pm
Period 5 2.15pm - 3.10pm

For the safety of all students and in accordance with the laws of our land, the following is our policy for students.
Possessing or using tobacco, alcohol or harmful or illegal drugs or substances is prohibited in the following situations:
- while on school grounds at any time
- while in school uniform at any time
- while on a school activity at any time
- while representing our school
- while under the control of our school
Students who breach this policy will be dealt with through the discipline system..
It is also an offence to be associating with students who are breaching this policy.

These students enrich the life and culture of our School.
We welcome Exchange Students, through schemes such as AFS and Rotary International, from all over the world and actively recruit fee-paying students from throughout Asia and South America. If you want your child to experience these opportunities, please make enquiries through their Dean.

Students finishing their time at the school, either transferring to another school or going into the work force or to tertiary education, must obtain a Leaving Form from the their Dean. This form must be signed by the student’s parents/caregivers.

These are part of our restorative process, whereby students will meet with others to discuss the issues and consequences which arise from poor behaviour choices.  Meetings may include students, student representatives, Head Prefects, BOT members, Teachers, Deans, Deputy Principals and/or Principal. 

Students’ possessions MUST be clearly named. If an item does go missing, however, the following steps should be taken by the student:-
(i) Search the area of the school in which the item was last seen.
(ii) Check whether the item has been handed in to the School Office or the Lost Property.
(iii) Report the loss to the Deputy Principal.
Any unclaimed lost property will be washed and placed into charity clothing bins

Students who wish to go home for lunch must have a lunch pass issued by the school, upon receipt of parental permission.
Application forms will be available at the start of the year and at any future time upon request from the parent. These are obtainable from the office. The lunch pass allows students to go home for lunch, not anywhere else. A temporary lunch pass may be issued by a DP on written request from caregivers/parents.
Years 13 students are accorded the privilege of leaving the school grounds at lunchtime without requiring a lunch pass. This privilege is conditional upon students upholding our school values whilst in public, and not using a vehicle at lunchtime without prior permission.

Mentoring of students will happen in house group time with their house group teacher.  Students establish goals based upon personal, academic, sporting/cultural considerations, and work with their house group teacher to develop strategies for success.

The Junior School has music as a compulsory subject, while a wide range of instrumental music tuition is available from itinerant music teachers who come to the school every Wednesday. Music groups vary and include orchestra, stomp, a’capella, choir, bands, etc and may be asked to perform at public functions including prize giving. Friday assemblies are a full school sing-a-long.

NEWSLETTER - See ‘Genesis Newspaper’


Open 8.00am - 4.00pm
Telephone 03 417 8620
Fax 03 417 8215
Principal's Secretary Mrs V J Potae
Office Manager Mrs C M Smith

OUTDOOR EDUCATION - See Prospectus or click here

In this programme, which has been working with great success for many years, Year 13 students are trained each year (at a Camp at the end of Year 12) to relate to, befriend and support Year 7 students. Through weekly meetings and discussions, the seniors involved help the new entrants settle into their new school.

Online access to a student’s results, timetable, pastoral notes and student notices is available via the ‘Parent and Student Portal’ link on our web site. It requires a unique logon and password, which is available from the school.

Our School is committed to promoting a safe, fun and thriving school environment for all students. The Cool Schools Secondary Peer Mediation Programme is being implemented school-wide in a staged process, empowering students by teaching them skills to resolve their own conflicts.

The PTA meet once a month. Volunteers are always welcome. If you want to be a part of the PTA please phone the school office and they will put you in touch with the right people.

Reports are emailed to parents at least three times per year.  Parent-student-teacher interview meetings are organised to discuss progress and next steps.  Parents are always welcome to phone or email if additional information is required. 

The Restorative Practice model focuses on building and maintaining positive, respectful relationships across the school community and offers school staff best-practice tools and techniques to restore relationships when things go wrong. By building and maintaining positive, respectful relationships within a school, staff to staff, staff to student and student to student, issues are more easily managed. 

Scooters and skateboards can be brought to school but must be kept right away from buildings and walkways. They are to be locked to the bike stands or netball court fences when not in use.

Selected students are given special help. Teacher Aides are assigned to general classes to help individual students on a one-to-one basis, and to act as reader-writers at examination time, and there is also the opportunity for some students to be on Individual Learning Programmes.

Students may join sports teams which practice during and/or after the school day. Sports teams are often reliant on parent support for coaching and transport. Please let us know if you can help us out here.

Once informed of their stationery requirements, students are able to purchase their stationery where they wish. In the Junior School an arrangement exists with the local retailer to provide all basic stationery needs at very competitive rates, in a pre-organised package.
Textbooks supplied by the school are to be well cared for and are to be returned when finished with. Lost or damaged books will be charged for.

Each class from within the form groupings, from Years 7-13, has a representative on the School Council. Training and experience in meeting procedure, the democratic process, decision making and the taking of responsibility is gained at an early age. Initiatives taken by the School Council have seen many improvements in the facilities and programmes offered to our students. The student council representative may also be asked to attend a level 1 discipline meeting.

These will be issued to all Year 13 students on request. Year 11 and 12 students may apply for a testimonial if it is requested by a prospective employer. Students requiring a testimonial are to apply to the office.

If students wish to bring a motor vehicle to school they must apply for special permission.
This will usually be granted subject to their agreeing to the following conditions:
(i) the vehicle may not be used during school hours
(ii) NO passengers may be carried, unless the driver holds the appropriate
licence, and both/all sets of caregivers give written permission.
(iii) a letter of permission from parents/caregivers is supplied to the Deputy Principal
(iv( vehicles are to be parked in the Recreation Centre car park - nowhere else.

Download permission slip here.

See Health Nurse






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