Our people

Our people

Leadership Team

Staff Member Position Email
Vicki Wish Principal thsprincipal@tokohigh.school.nz
Bill McClure Acting Deputy Principal/History bill@tokohigh.school.nz
Kris Simpson Acting Assistant Principal/Mathematics kris@tokohigh.school.nz


Staff Member Position Email
Erica Milligan Year 7 and 8 Dean erica@tokohigh.school.nz
Carol Bugard and Tim Samson Year 9 and 10 Dean tim@tokohigh.school.nz
Glenn Todd Year 11, 12 and 13 Dean glenn@tokohigh.school.nz

Teaching Staff

Staff Member Position Email
Trish Eames Specialist Classroom Teacher/HOD English trish@tokohigh.school.nz
Mary Hart HOD English, ESOL, French, Kahui Ako within school teacher mary@tokohigh.school.nz
Suzanne Nelson Geography and Horticulture (Teacher in charge) sue@tokohigh.school.nz
Gill Ferguson Careers Teacher/Gateway/Star gill@tokohigh.school.nz
Susan Mickey Teacher of Science susan@tokohigh.school.nz
Emily Currall Head of Science emily@tokohigh.school.nz
Matt Brown Homeroom teacher, Learning Support, English matt@tokohigh.school.nz
Sharlene Goodwin Homeroom Teacher, SENCO sharlene@tokohigh.school.nz
Clare Healey Maori (TIC) clare@tokohigh.school.nz
Kylie Johnston PE kylie@tokohigh.school.nz
Bill McClure Social Sciences bill@tokohigh.school.nz
Jane McEntyre Art jane@tokohigh.school.nz
Erica Milligan Homeroom (HOD) erica@tokohigh.school.nz
Tim Samson Hard Materials Technology tim@tokohigh.school.nz
Glenn Todd Specialist Classroom Teacher/Digital Technology glenn@tokohigh.school.nz
Erin Winder PE, Health and Sports (HOD) erin@tokohigh.school.nz
Kris Simpson Mathematics kris@tokohigh.school.nz
Elijah Smiler Maths, PE & Science teacher elijah@tokohigh.school.nz
DelaRey Myburgh English & Art teacher delarey@tokohigh.school.nz
Natasha Freeman Homeroom teacher natasha@tokohigh.school.nz
Olivia Leonard Music & Social studies teacher olivia@tokohigh.school.nz
Carol Bungard Food technology teacher carol@tokohigh.school.nz

Non-teaching Staff

Staff Member Position Email
Jean Potae Executive Officer jean@tokohigh.school.nz
Carolyn Shanks Office Manager carolyn@tokohigh.school.nz
Lisa McElrea Office Manager lisa@tokohigh.school.nz
Alan Robinson Property Manager alan@tokohigh.school.nz
Leanne Burgess Sports Coordinator sports@tokohigh.school.nz
Greig Daniels Librarian greig@tokohigh.school.nz
Carolyn Shanks Genesis Editor genesis@tokohigh.school.nz
Julie-Anne Mallon Science Technician julieanne@tokohigh.school.nz
Ray Lowe Groundsman
Anne Souness Cleaner
Lynda Allan Tokomairiro Training Manager lynda@tokohigh.school.nz
Julie-Mae Rule Tokomairiro Training
Leanne Burgess Gateway/ Careers Administrator leanne@tokohigh.school.nz
Emma-Jane King Canteen

Teacher aides

Staff Member Position Email
Kathleen Hills Teacher Aide kathleen@tokohigh.school.nz
Laureen Buchanan Teacher Aide
Tania Griffiths Teacher Aide tania@tokohigh.school.nz
Aleisha Murphy Teacher Aide aleisha@tokohigh.school.nz