Prize Giving 2011 - 11th Dec 2011

Prize Giving 2011


(Whole School Prize Giving - 8th December 2011)

Year 13
Corey Brady - achievement in key skills English and technology
Zane Brunt - achievement & diligence in classics and geography, Martin Cup for achievement in the arts
Reuben Crimp-Dowle - achievement in mathematics with calculus, Jean Littlejohn Prize for achievement in mathematics
Mikayla Gardner - achievement & diligence in biology, chemistry and mathematics with statistics, NZ Institute Prize for achievement & diligence in physics, achievement in English, diligence in mathematics with calculus, Reid Memorial Prize for science, Zonta Prize for excellence in mathematics and science
Julia Gilling - diligence in physical education
Alexander Jones - achievement & diligence in horticulture
Steele McDonald - achievement & diligence in STAR
Sheree Pedersen - Rosslyn Art Gallery Trophy for Excellence in the visual arts
Nicole Rogan - achievement & diligence in drama and horticulture
Russell Tredwell - diligence in level 2 mathematics
Amanda Williamson - achievement in physical education
Lacara Young - diligence in art and English

Year 12
Kelly Carr - achievement & diligence in horticulture, achievement in digital technology, diligence in mathematics
Cassandra Dobson - achievement & diligence in horticulture
Brittany Foster - achievement in food technology
Ayson Gordon-Glassford - diligence in technology
Cara Hayes - achievement in gateway, diligence in food technology
Amy Irvine - achievement in applied mathematics, diligence in food technology
Harry Jewitt - achievement in art, diligence in digital technology
Scott Mathieson - diligence in physical education
Nadia McDonnell - achievement & diligence in biology, achievement in physical education, diligence in chemistry, English and geography
Jake McKay - achievement in drama and food technology
Heidi Royle - achievement & diligence in careers, diligence in English key skills and geography
Emma Scanlan - achievement & diligence in geography and mathematics, achievement in chemistry and English, diligence in art
Shauna Sayer - diligence in gateway
Gavin Smith - achievement & diligence in physics, Total Trade Tools Prize for achievement in technology Nicolle Vincent - diligence in drama

Year 11
Caitlyn Brock - diligence in drama
Pamela Cromb - diligence in horticulture
Zack de Montgomery - achievement in English
Callum Dunlop - achievement & diligence in gateway and mathematics, diligence in practical English
Giuliana Fischli - achievement & diligence in mathematics, diligence in careers
Elyse Fletcher - Fowler Art and Craft Trophy for achievement in art, South Otago Federation of Women’s Institue’s Prize for achievement in food technology
Maia Giles - diligence in digital technology
Kayla Graves - achievement in drama, achievement & diligence in alternative science
Ruby Madden - achievement & diligence in history, achievement in technology
Ashleigh Martin - diligence in gateway
Poppy Mathieson - diligence in art, English and careers
Daniele May - diligence in English
Limei McLellan - Rosslyn Art Gallery Trophy for the Most Improved Year 11 art student, achievement in English, diligence in geography, science and food technology
Brendon Orr-Clarke - achievement in practical horticulture, diligence in practical English and technology
Tamahi Phillips - Agnes and John Little Prize for achievement in mathematics, achievement in science
Lucy Pringle - achievement & diligence in physical education, diligence in science
Ben Scott - achievement & diligence in graphics, achievement in geography and digital technology
Vicky Scurr - diligence in art
Shilo Walker-Brokland - diligence in mathematics
Sian Young - diligence in horticulture
Skylah Young - achievement & diligence in horticulture

Year 10
Cody Brady - achievement in physical education
Georgia Brown - diligence in mathematics
Jordie Bungard - achievement in mathematics, Mainland Fasteners Prize for achievement in materials technology
Maxine Calver - achievement in art
Jerrym Frost - achievement in food technology and practical horticulture
Jamie Griffiths - achievement in music, diligence in physical education
Lyda Hammersley - diligence in mathematics
Kelly Hewitt - achievement in science
Danielle Malyon - diligence in food technology
Bryn Massey - achievement & diligence in social studies, achievement in English and health, diligence in science, physical education and music
Courtney McLellan - achievement & diligence in science, mathematics and horticulture, achievement in English, social studies and health, diligence in art
Brittany Scott-Jenkins - diligence in drama
Michael Tuari - achievement in drama and physical education
Ashleigh Walker - diligence in technology
Glen Williamson - diligence in mathematics

Year 9
Euan Anderton - achievement in mathematics and science, diligence in graphics
Sharn Bungard - achievement in Maori
Jak Calver - achievement in English and science, achievement & diligence in music, diligence in food technology
Jessica Carr - diligence in physical education
Dylan Greer - achievement in physical education
Paige Gardner - diligence in art
Jaya-Deva Henry - achievement & diligence in Maori
Katie Jewitt - achievement in social studies and food technology
William Jordan - achievement in mathematics and art, diligence in English, social studies, Maori, science, health and music
Natasha Maybee - achievement in food technology and horticulture, diligence in mathematics
Stormy-Lee McDonald - diligence in art and science
Abigail McKay - achievement in music and health
Jamie McSkimming - diligence in English
Georgia Pringle - diligence in physical education
Nicholas Shaw - achievement in social studies, physical education and art
Terri Thomas - achievement in English, diligence in mathematics
Hannah Weatherall - diligence in food technology
Philip Wu - achievement in horticulture and graphics

Year 8
Eliza Barrett - achievement & diligence in social studies and Maori, achievement in English
Scott Byrnes - achievement in technology
Kayla Dobson - achievement in mathematics
Alice Dowle - achievement & diligence in English, achievement in science
Sam Fischli - achievement in physical education
Karta Hewitt - achievement in music, diligence in mathematics
Georgina Irvine - diligence in English, mathematics, technology, music and physical education
Rivah Kaio - achievement in Maori
Cameron Lowery - achievement in technology, diligence in physical education
Oliver Munan - achievement & diligence in social studies and music, achievement in art and health
Joshua O’Sullivan - diligence in technology
Lotus Pereira - achievement in music, diligence in art
Matthew Roxburgh - achievement in physical education, diligence in art
Jessica Walker - diligence in science
Jason Wu - Littlejohn Prize for achievement in mathematics, achievement in art

Year 7
Jackson Anderson - achievement in physical education, diligence in social studies and music
Caitlyn Anderton - achievement in English, art, materials technology and science, diligence in social studies and health
Brittany Barkman - achievement in social studies
Kyle Clark - achievement in mathematics, diligence in social studies
Henry Cox-Herring - achievement in English and food technology, diligence in mathematics
Dubhghlas Ferguson - diligence in physical education
Cassima Foster - achievement in physical education, French and health, diligence in mathematics
Oliver Gordon-Glassford - achievement in English, social studies, mathematics, physical education, technology and food technology, diligence in music and materials technology
Bree Grant - achievement in health, diligence in social studies
Morgan Hale - diligence in English
Kerrin Hall - diligence in technology
Nikki Hall - diligence in materials technology
Kaleb Hayes - diligence in English and technology
Jessica Hutton - diligence in music and materials technology
Callum Kain - diligence in food technology
Nadia Lloyd - achievement in music, diligence in science, food technology and health
Reihana Mason-Waru - achievement in art
Adorique May - achievement in food technology and music
Kirby McLellan - diligence in food technology
Laura Munan - achievement in English, social studies, science, health, art and music, diligence in mathematics and technology
Klaude Ngamoki - diligence in physical education
Ashley Oliver - achievement & diligence in materials technology, diligence in health
Caleb Philps - achievement in social studies and science
Elijah Prasad - achievement in technology, diligence in English and science
Matthew Robinson - achievement in mathematics and technology, diligence in physical education and materials technology
Maria Scott - achievement in music and materials technology, diligence in English, mathematics and art
Aaron Stevenson - achievement & diligence in materials technology
Jack Taylor - diligence in art
Kain Walker - diligence in science and art

Braden Adams - senior boys field
Samantha Allan - intermediate girls field & athletics
Kane Bassett - junior boys swimming
Caitlyn Brock - intermediate girls track
Scott Byrnes - junior boys cross country
Kyla Carruthers - minor girls field, junior girls cross country
Kyle Clark - minor boys field & athletics
Samantha Drinnan - junior girls cross country
Shauna Fischli - greatest contribution to rugby
Mackenzie Frost - minor girls athletics
Julia Gilling - open girls cross country
Dylan Greer - junior boys track & athletics, intermediate boys cross country
Rhett Hammersley - intermediate boys athletics
Abby Harrex - most consistent player SSIS netball tournament
Karta Hewitt - junior girls field, merit junior netball, junior girls swimming, junior girls tennis
Kelly Hewitt - intermediate boys swimming
Travis Holden - senior boys tennis, contribution to basketball
Jacob Jenkins - intermediate boys field
Adam Knight - senior boys track & athletics
Liam Lehane - minor boys track
Nadia Lloyd - minor girls swimming
Scott Mathieson - merit boys cricket
Adorique May - minor girls track, minor girls cross country
Daniele May - senior girls field & athletics
Nadia McDonnell - senior girls track
Abigal McKay - junior girls athletics, intermediate girls cross country
Teigan Meade - intermediate boys track
Georgia Pringle - intermediate girls swimming
Lucy Pringle - intermediate girls field
Carina Pedersen - junior girls track
Matthew Robinson - minor boys cross country, minor boys swimming
Dion Shaw - most improved rugby player
Nicholas Shaw - junior boys field, contribution & achievement junior rugby
Callum Stammers - senior boys cross country, senior boys swimming
Junior Toia - intermediate boys athletics
Amanda Williamson - merit girls cricket, contribution to cricket, merit senior netball, contribution to netball
Lillie Wilson - girls open swimming

Olivia Adam - junior music
Keri Blackbourn - literary award
Zane Brunt - literary award
Oliver Gordon-Glassford - Year 7 choral group speech
Jamie Griffiths - junior music trophy
Nikki Hall - Year 7 choral group speech
Travis Johansen - The Catherine Weir Mana Award for excellence kapa haka
Alex Jones - contribution to drama
Bryn Massey - Year 10 oral competition
Daniele May - senior music trophy
Lotus Pereira - Year 8 Recitation
Caleb Philps - chess champion
Nicolle Rogan - contribution to drama
Maria Scott - Year 7 choral group speech
Teisha Seymour - Anderton Trophy for most promising musician
Nicolle Vincent - senior oral competition

Ransome Awards for diligence & progress not otherwise recognised: Connie Anderson, Shannon Hollebon, Zack Pepper (Year 7), Cameron Clark, Toni Hall (Year 8), Anna Taal (Year 9), Olivia Adam, Sam Still, (Year 10)
Jessica Brock - Hayes Trophy for diligence & progress in the senior school, not otherwise recognised, Principal’s Leadership Award, J B Roy Prize for the student who best fulfills the school motto
Zane Brunt - Proxime Accessit
Jerrym Frost - Lions Trophy for junior citizenship – boy
Julia Gilling - Otago Polytechnic Principal’s scholarship award
Mikalya Gardner - Rotary Tertiary Study Award, Academic Diligence Cup, Dux
Jamie Griffiths - Duffy Memorial Prize for the best all round pupil in the junior school
Madeleine Hammersley - Dickinson Citizenship Shield for senior girls, Vollweiler Family Tertiary Scholarship
Bernard O’Sullivan - Principal’s Leadership Award
Tamahi Phillips - Whakatutukipono Maori Award for Maori achievement
Brittany Scott-Jenkins - Lions Trophy for junior citizenship – girl
Callum Stammers - best all round sportsman, Dickinson Citizenship Shield for senior boys, Jenkins Family Award for Deputy Head Student
Amanda Williamson - best all round sportswoman, Jenkins Family Award for Deputy Head Student

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