Prize Giving 2013 - 12th Dec 2013

(Whole School Prize giving - 11th December 2013

Year 13
Logan Allison - first in horticulture
Giuliana Fischli - first in art
Elyse Fletcher - first in biology and geography
Daniele May - first in level 2 key skills English
Ruby Madden - diligence in horticulture
Poppy Mathieson - diligence in biology, food technology and geography
Ashley McDiarmid - first in Gateway/STAR, diligence in Gateway/STAR
Limei McLellan - first in biology, food technology, English, diligence in art and mathematics with statistics
Kieran O’Sullivan - first in digital technology
Tamahi Phillips - first in physics, diligence in physics, Reid Memorial Prize for science
Lucy Pringle - first in chemistry, physical education, mathematics with calculus and mathematics with statistics, diligence in chemistry, mathematics with calculus and physical education, Jean Littlejohn Prize for mathematics

Year 12
Olivia Adam - diligence in physical education
Georgia Brown - diligence in applied mathematics and art
Jordie Bungard - first in applied mathematics and physical education
Maxine Calver -  South Otago Federation of Women’s Institute prize for food technology, diligence in food technology and chemistry
Jerrym Frost - diligence in technology
April Gray - diligence in drama
Lydia Hammersley - diligence in English, mathematics and geography
Kelly Hewitt - first in digital technology
Kelsi McKechnie - first in horticulture
Courtney McLellan - first in English, biology, chemistry, geography and mathematics, diligence in biology  
Aaron Mead - first in physics
Brittany Scott-Jenkins - diligence in horticulture
Sam Still - first in gateway/STAR and technology, diligence in key skills English and Gateway/STAR
Michael Tuari - first in art and drama
Matthew Whitaker - diligence in physics

Year 11
Euan Anderton - Agnes & John Littlejohn Prize for first in mathematics
Monica Beck - diligence in English
Sharn Bungard - first in drama
Jack Calver - first in English
Jessica Carr - Rosslyn Art Trophy for the Most Improved Art Student in Year 11, first in gateway, diligence in English and gateway
Paige Gardner - first in English, diligence in food technology
Emma Gunion-Yurjevic - first in horticulture
William Jordan - Mainland Fasteners’ prize for first in technology, first in careers, diligence in English, mathematics, science, technology and careers
Daniel Maindonald - first in food technology
Natasha Maybee - diligence in English, art and geography
Carina Pedersen - diligence in horticulture
Georgia Pringle - first in history
Nicholas Shaw - first in physical education
Terri Thomas - Fowler Art and Craft Trophy for first in art, first in geography, diligence in physical education
Hannah Weatherall - first in mathematics, diligence in drama
Phillip Wu - first in science

Year 10
Eliza Barrett - diligence in food technology
Joshua Coleman - diligence in physical education
Kayla Dobson - diligence in English and mathematics
Alice Dowle - first in English, art and science
Karta Hewitt - first in physical education, diligence in science and art
Georgina Irvine - first in social studies and food technology, diligence in mathematics
Sam MacDonald - first in physical education, diligence in physical education
Shane Patrick - diligence in hard materials technology
Matthew Roxburgh - first in hard materials technology
Jessica Walker - diligence in science
Grace Whitaker-Flett - first in English, French and horticulture
Jason Wu - first in mathematics and science

Year 9
Caitlyn Anderton - first in English, diligence in health and science
Brittany Barkman - first in science, social studies and health, diligence in English
Henry Cox-Herring - first in social studies
Bree Grant - first in social studies
Kerrin Hall - diligence in drama
Nikki Hall - diligence in mathematics and social studies
Kaleb Hayes - first in digital technology
Jessica Hutton - diligence in health
Chevtin Jeffery - first in drama, diligence in physical education
Dylan Lee -  first in physical education
Nadia Lloyd - diligence in mathematics
Reihana Mason-Waru - first in physical education
Maria Scott - first in English, mathematics, health, graphics and French, diligence in English, French, mathematics, physical education and science
Campbell Thomas - first in music, diligence in digital technology, science and music
Kain Walker - first in science, diligence in graphics
Lucas Wilkinson - first in English and science, diligence in English

Year 8
Sam Brown - first in physical education
Rhys Davie - Littlejohn Prize for first in mathematics, first in English, social studies, science and art, diligence in English, social studies and Maori
Chantalle Fegan - diligence in science
Jacob Grant - diligence in art
Keenan Hogg - first in art
Rebecca Hutton - first in hard materials technology, diligence in mathematics
Anna Jordan - diligence in science
Cody Keen - first in science, diligence in information technology
George Lowery - first in physical education
Jorjah Mason-Waru - first in Maori
Rawiri Mason-Waru - first in mathematics
Joe Pepper - diligence in hard material technology
Justin Perkins - diligence in physical education
Monique Perkins - diligence in hard materials technology
James Scanlan - first in social studies and information technology, diligence in social studies and physical education
John Swain - diligence in hard materials technology
Ashleigh Walls - first in English and Maori, diligence in English, Maori and art
Ryan Weatherall - diligence in mathematics

Year 7
Austin Burgess - diligence in English and hard materials technology
Kaleb Cain - diligence in music
Brigitte Clarke - diligence in physical education
Jennifer Coleman - first in art, diligence in social studies and health
Levin Coulter-Butler - first in music, hard & soft materials technologies, diligence in art
Phoebe Cox-Herring - first in science and hard & soft materials technologies, diligence in English
Kellan Crowie - first in art, diligence in physical education, music and food technology
Kaleb Fegan - first in science and French, diligence in French and mathematics
Molly Flett - first in English and social studies, diligence in science
Millicent Geary - first in music
Felix Gillan - diligence in food technology
Alicia Gillies - first in French and food technology
Liam Grant - first in English, mathematics, physical education and health, diligence in science
Daniel Hall - first in food technology
Matthew Herbert - diligence in soft materials technology
Angus Hewett - diligence in mathematics, art and hard materials technology
Grace Michelle - diligence in social studies
Clara Scoon - first in French, diligence in French
Richard Scott - first in mathematics and French, diligence in French and soft materials technology
Tia Valli - first in physical education
Laura Wilkinson - first in social studies

Jackson Anderson - intermediate boys swimming
Rowan Blackbourn - intermediate boys athletics
Caitlyn Brock - most improved senior hockey
Sam Brown - junior boys cross country
Jordie Bungard - contribution cricket, most improved boy touch player
Jessica Carr - senior girls tennis
Kelsey Carter - minor girls cross country
Kellan Crowie - soccer
Rhys Davie - most improved junior hockey
Connor Devlin - basketball
Kaleb Fegan - minor boys swimming
Jade Findlay - minor girls swimming
Mackenzie Frost - intermediate girls cross country
April Gray - senior girls cross country, senior girls swimming, most valuable senior hockey player
Dylan Greer - cricket merit, senior boys tennis
Kaleb Hayes - junior rugby
Karta Hewitt - merit junior netball, intermediate girls swimming
Brad Lee - senior boys athletics, basketball, senior boys cross country
Sam MacDonald - most improved junior touch player
Rhys Mathieson - cricket merit, most improved rugby player, senior boys swimming
Ashley McDiarmid - most consistent netball player SISS tournament, most improved girl touch player
Kobi Oliver - intermediate boys cross country
Kieran O’Sullivan - greatest contribution to rugby
Monique Perkins - junior girls athletics, junior girls cross country, best all round hockey player
Georgia Pringle - contribution netball
Lucy Pringle - senior girls athletics, merit senior netball
Matthew Roxburgh - junior boys athletics
Stacey Sanders - junior girls swimming
Richard Scott - minor boys athletics, minor boys cross country
Terri Thomas - intermediate girls athletics
Tia Valli - minor girls athletics
Reuben Wilson - junior boys swimming

Maxine Calver - senior speech
Giuliana Fischli - literary award
Paige Gardner - most promising musician
Millicent Geary - year 7 oral competition
Grace Michelle - year 7 oral competition
Klaude Ngamoki - excellence kapa haka
Reuben Wilson - year 8 oral competition

Ransome Awards for diligence and progress not otherwise recognised in Years 7-10:
Year 7 - Jade Findlay, Annika Gray, Shawn Taylor
Year 8 - Samantha Herbert, Stacey Sanders, Callum Scoon
Year 9 - Cassima Foster, Georgia Low, Connor Marshall, Caleb Philps, Jack Taylor, Trevor Thomson
Year 10 - Meighan Herbert
Caitlyn Brock - Principal’s leadership award, Vollweiler Family Trust Scholarship for tertiary scholarship
Elyse Fletcher - proxime accessit
Maia Giles - diligence & progress in senior school not otherwise recognised, Otago Polytechnic Principal’s scholarship
Karta Hewitt - Lions Trophy for junior girls citizenship, Duffy Memorial Prize for best all round pupil in the junior school
Brad Lee - best all round sportsman
Poppy Mathieson - Rotary Award for Tertiary Study
Limei McLellan - J B Roy Prize for student who best fulfils the school motto - learning, self control, courtesy
Tamahi Phillips - Principal’s leadership award, Maori/Pacific Islands entrance scholarship, Dickinson Citizenship Shield for senior boys, Maori achievement award - mere
Lucy Pringle - deputy head student award, best all round sports woman, Dickinson Citizenship Shield for senior girls, academic diligence, dux
Ben Scott - diligence & progress in senior school not otherwise recognised, deputy head student award
Jason Wu - Lions Trophy for junior boys citizenship 

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