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Toko TrainingTokomairiro Training is based in Milton and offers two types of further educational opportunities.
It is governed by the Board of Trustees of Tokomairiro High School and with funding from the Tertiary Education Commission, Tokomairiro Training specialises in offering opportunities for theory-based and practical-based learning for youth aged 16-18 and adults.

Some of us, of course, through no fault of our own, struggle to achieve as well as we might during our schooldays. And it’s further likely that you, or someone you know, will undergo a period of extended unemployment during their career, making it difficult to find the way back into the workplace.

In these two key areas, Tokomairiro Training steps in, with critical retraining, assistance towards qualifications, and practical, on-the-spot work placements for its trainees.

With a high staff to trainee ratio, the team at Tokomairiro Training have unique, trainee-centred approach with, as its bedrock, the individual training plan formulated with, and for, each client within the programme.

Starting with the National Certificate in Employment Skills, working through theory-based unit standards, trainees will pick up invaluable skills for finding and securing future employment.
Elementary carpentry and foundation forestry are both practical and theory-based skills that are all major components of Tokomairiro Training.

Alongside the theory comes a healthy slice of practical training also Tokomairiro Training has excellent relationships with a portfolio of local and regional employers eager to find work experience placements for their trainees, often leading to a permanent position.

The team at Tokomairiro Training understand that it can be difficult when you’re starting out, or starting out afresh, to arrange fundamental like transport, and therefore can arrange free transport for trainees too.

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