Learning Curve

The Learning Curve student and teacher planners and website have been developed as learning and communication tools that provide:
  • strategies and techniques that scaffold students’ thinking, enabling them to see connections and reach balanced conclusions
  • techniques to enhance students’ capacity to organise themselves step by step
  • teachers and parents with a vast array of resources to support students together
  • a consistent whole school approach to teaching and learning.
The series focuses on a holistic approach to student learning, wellbeing and development in the following areas:
  • Study Techniques and Approaches
  • Career and Time Management
  • Thinking Skills and Tools
  • Examination and Revision Skills
  • Personal Health and Safety
  • Pastoral Care and Self Esteem
  • General Knowledge and Useful Information.
The planners have dimensions built into them to develop the "whole" person and nurture trusting and open learning partnerships between students, parents, teachers and the school.

Students Section

Your learning and time at school are much more fun, rewarding and enjoyable when you are able discover things for yourself.  Also, what you learn makes more sense to you when you can relate it to your world.

When you play a sport, have a hobby or try new experiences, you want to be the best that you can to gain full enjoyment. Most people ask for advice or get coached to achieve this. Learning is no different.

Following link has downloadable focuses from your Learning Curve diary planners that you can use to make your best better and learn independently by yourself.

By regularly completing these focuses you will see yourself getting what you want from your education.  School is a once only event; make it a fantastic experience.

Parents Section

The Learning Curve Planners were designed and written by an experienced teacher to enable parents to contribute more to their children’s education.

Unfortunately, adolescent children rarely want or allow their parents to be involved in their education; it is a natural consequence of puberty.  In combination, the Learning Curve Planners and website assist with building sustainable and transparent learning partnerships within school communities by regularly connecting students, parents and teachers.  They provide regular opportunities for parents to be part of their children’s learning.
For more information follow link. learningcurveplanner.com.au/parents.html

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