Student Log Book

The Student Log Book and Learning Curve is one of the most useful tools students have while at high school.

Students are expected to bring it to every lesson.
We ask parents to check it frequently, sign it each week and speak with their child about anything in there.

The Learning Curve aspects of the Log Book are designed to increase the thinking and learning skills of our students as they progress through our school.
It links home and school through its well-designed pages and accompanying website links.

The Log Book features:

  • Spaces to record homework and for parents and teachers to communicate with each other
  • Emergency procedures
  • Code of conduct (expectations for students, including our values and motto)
  • Our Waiata and Haka
  • Uniform guidelines
  • Guidelines of behaviour and consequence path for positive and negative learning and social behaviour
  • Pages of rewards and sanctions

The success of the log book depends on co-operation between students, teachers and parents.

The Learning Curve features:

The Learning Curve Planners and supporting website have been created and written to support you as
parents as well as teachers, to cultivate resilient, resourceful and reflective lifelong learning habits in your
children. They provide the ‘hows’ which enable parents to become more involved and empowered to
teach children to learn how to learn.
The Learning Curve builds rich learning partnerships between home and school and equips parents and
teachers to answer the question, What can we do together that we can’t do as individuals?
Adolescent brains are often turbulent places which don’t adapt well to changes in expectations and
practices from adults, the Learning Curve’s consistent and predictable strategies and routines benefit
student engagement.

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