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2021<br /> <a href="/files/3096/file/2021-Y9-10-option-booklet-pdf" data-object-ref="content/download:575">Click here</a>1603191600 Yr9 -10 Subject options booklet Senior Option Booklet 2021<a href="/senior-courses" data-object-ref="scm_sub_page_content:80">Senior Subject Choices for 2021</a>1601121600 Option Booklet 2021 Talking to children about COVID-19<a href="">A useful resource for parents, caregivers, whānau and teachers talking about the virus with children and young people can be found here</a><br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> &nbsp;1584442800 to children about COVID-19 COVID - 19 Update<p>COVID - 19 update from the Ministry - Prevention Remains a Priority - the students, staff and community still have a large role to play n preventing the spread of COVID-19 trhough:<br /> * Awareness - know the symptioms and where to get good information<br /> * Vigilance - stay away if you are ill<br /> * Good hygiene - hand washing and drying, good cough and sneeze etiquette will prevent spread of a range of ills as we move into cold and flu season.</p> <p>Attached you will find a copy of the school pandemic plan.<br /> <br /> <a href="/files/3019/file/Tokomairiro-High-School-Pandemic-Plan-Notice-Home-pdf" data-object-ref="content/download:565">Pandemic plan</a></p>1584270000 - 19 Update Swimming Champs 2019<h2><strong>School Swimming Results</strong></h2> <strong>House Points</strong><br /> 1st Ross 1313 points<br /> 2nd Ayson 1036.5 points<br /> 3rd Reid 1002.5 points<br /> 4th Malcolm 942 points<br /> <br /> <strong>Minor Boy Champions</strong><br /> 1st Van Adams,&nbsp;2nd Nic Healey,&nbsp;3rd Kyle Cochrane<br /> <br /> <strong>Minor Girl Champions</strong><br /> 1st Jessica Allan,&nbsp;2nd Courtney Scanlan,&nbsp;3rd= Gemma Burleigh/Sophie Restall<br /> <br /> <strong>Junior Boy Champions</strong><br /> 1st Johnny Baxter,&nbsp;2nd Wyatt Mallon,&nbsp;3rd Tane Nichol<br /> <br /> <strong>Junior Girl Champion</strong><br /> 1st Makayla Wills,&nbsp;2nd Sarah Edwards,&nbsp;3rd Aimee Ferrari<br /> <br /> <strong>Intermediate Boy Champions</strong><br /> 1st Millar McElrea,&nbsp;2nd Nic Clark,&nbsp;3rd Toby Greene<br /> <br /> <strong>Intermediate Girl Champions</strong><br /> 1st Zoe McElrea,&nbsp;2nd= Jenna Griffin/Emily Scanlan<br /> <br /> <strong>Senior Boy Champions</strong><br /> 1st Kaleb Fegan,&nbsp;2nd Robert Wilson,&nbsp;3rd= Levin Coulter-Butler/Aiden Mallon<br /> <br /> <strong>Senior Girl Champions</strong><br /> 1st Morganne-Lee Greene,&nbsp;2nd Holly Griffin,&nbsp;3rd Meg Clark/Jade Findlay <h3><strong>Minor Boys</strong></h3> <u>33m Backstroke (Record 25.90sec)</u><br /> 1st Nic Healey (36.60s),&nbsp;2nd James Maaka,&nbsp;3rd Blake Michelle<br /> <u>66m Backstroke (Record 1.04.56sec)</u><br /> 1st Nic Healey (1.30.03s),&nbsp;2nd Blake Michelle,&nbsp;3rd Kyle Cochrane<br /> <u>33m Freestyle (Record 21.78sec)</u><br /> 1st Van Adams (32.15s),&nbsp;2nd James Maaka,&nbsp;3rd Nic Healey<br /> <u>66m Freestyle (Record 48.97sec)</u><br /> 1st Vann Adams (1.22.78s),&nbsp;2nd Kyle Cochrane,&nbsp;3rd Nic Healey<br /> <u>33m Breaststroke (Record 28.55sec)</u><br /> 1st Vann Adams (55.22s),&nbsp;2nd Kyle Cochrane,&nbsp;3rd Nic Healey<br /> <u>66m Breaststroke (Record 1.14.7sec)</u><br /> 1st Van Adams (2.50.22s) <h3><strong>Minor Girls</strong></h3> <u>33m Backstroke (Record 25.09sec)</u><br /> 1st Gemma Burleigh (36.22s),&nbsp;2nd Breana Baird,&nbsp;3rd Jayda White<br /> <u>66m Backstroke (Record 56.39sec)</u><br /> 1st Jessica Allan (1.14.50s),&nbsp;2nd Sophie Restall,&nbsp;3rd Jayda White<br /> <u>33m Freestyle (Record 21.62sec)</u><br /> 1st Jessica Allan (27.81s),&nbsp;2nd Courtney Scanlan,&nbsp;3rd Sophie Restall<br /> <u>66m Freestyle (Record 49.35sec)</u><br /> 1st Jessica Allan (1.12.59s),&nbsp;2nd Bella Goddard,&nbsp;3rd Courtney Scanlan<br /> <u>33m Breaststroke (Record 29.00sec)</u><br /> 1st Courtney Scanlan (52.88s)<br /> <u>66m Breaststroke (Record 1.11.98sec)</u><br /> 1st Jessica Allan (1.42.78s),&nbsp;2nd Courtney Scanlan <h3><strong>Junior Boys</strong></h3> <u>33m Backstroke (Record 22.81sec)</u><br /> 1st Johnny Baxter (25.47s)<br /> 2nd Tane Nichol<br /> 3rd Josh Lister<br /> <u>66m Backstroke (Record 1.00.59sec)</u><br /> 1st Johnny Baxter (1.0.90s),&nbsp;2nd Wyatt Mallon,&nbsp;3rd Ezekiel Scurr<br /> <u>33m Freestyle (Record 19.33sec)</u><br /> 1st Johnny Baxter (24.10s),&nbsp;2nd Jacob Murray,&nbsp;3rd Tane Nichol<br /> <u>66m Freestyle (Record 41.85sec)</u><br /> 1st Johnny Baxter (57.09s),&nbsp;2nd Wyatt Mallon,&nbsp;3rd Jacob Murray<br /> <u>33m Breaststroke (Record 27.56sec)</u><br /> 1st Wyatt Mallon (55.38s),&nbsp;2nd Sebastian Gaudin,&nbsp;3rd Ben Shanks <h3><strong>Junior Girls</strong></h3> <u>33m Backstroke (Record 25.54sec)</u><br /> 1st Makayla Wills (29.50s),&nbsp;2nd Analise Scanlan,&nbsp;3rd Lucy Carruthers<br /> <u>33m Freestyle (Record 21.12sec)</u><br /> 1st= Makayla Wills/Sarah Edwards (25.78s),&nbsp;3rd Gemma Brady<br /> <u>66m Freestyle (Record 46.31sec)</u><br /> 1st Sarah Edwards (1.0.79s),&nbsp;2nd Makayla Wills,&nbsp;3rd Gemma Brady<br /> <u>33m Breaststroke (Record 27.08sec)</u><br /> 1st Sarah Edwards (35.03s),&nbsp;2nd Makayla Wills,&nbsp;3rd Aimee Ferrari<br /> <u>66m Breaststroke (Record 1.23.16sec)</u><br /> 1st Makayla Wills (1.28.18s),&nbsp;2nd Aimee Ferrari <h3><strong>Intermediate Boys</strong></h3> <u>33m Backstroke (Record 20.16sec)</u><br /> 1st Millar McElrea (25.97s),&nbsp;2nd Alex Burleigh,&nbsp;3rd Ryan Clark<br /> <u>66m Backstroke (Record 43.38sec)</u><br /> 1st Millar McElrea (1.30.90s),&nbsp;2nd Jon-Duncan McLeod,&nbsp;3rd Nic Clark<br /> <u>33m Freestyle (Record 17.07sec)</u><br /> 1st Millar McElrea (21.31s),&nbsp;2nd Nic Clark,&nbsp;3rd Ben Lister<br /> <u>66m Freestyle (Record 37.94sec)</u><br /> 1st Millar McElrea (53.13s),&nbsp;2nd Jon-Duncan McLeod,&nbsp;3rd Nic Clark<br /> <u>100m Freestyle (Record 1.12.41sec)</u><br /> 1st Millar McElrea (1.41.38s)<br /> <u>33m Breaststroke (Record 23.81sec)</u><br /> 1st Nic Clark (29.71s),&nbsp;2nd Toby Greene,&nbsp;3rd Ben Lister<br /> <u>66m Breaststroke (Record 56.02sec)</u><br /> 1st Nic Clark (1.22.16s) <h3><strong>Intermediate Girls</strong></h3> <u>33m Backstroke (Record 24.45sec)</u><br /> 1st Zoe McElrea (29.16s),&nbsp;2nd Emily Scanlan,&nbsp;3rd Jenna Griffin<br /> <u>66m Backstroke (record 52.69sec)</u><br /> 1st Zoe McElrea (1.8.83s),&nbsp;2nd Emily Scanlan<br /> <u>33m Freestyle (Record 21.17sec)</u><br /> 1st Jenna Griffin (26.56s),&nbsp;2nd Emily Scanlan,&nbsp;3rd Marinah Browne-Butland<br /> <u>66m Freestyle (Record 47.20sec)</u><br /> 1st Zoe McElrea (1.2.0s),&nbsp;2nd Emily Scanlan,&nbsp;3rd Jenna Griffin<br /> <u>100m Freestyle (Record 1.17.57sec)</u><br /> 1st Emily Scanlan (1.49.03s)<br /> <u>33m Breaststroke (Record 25.80sec)</u><br /> 1st Jenna Griffin (37.69s),&nbsp;2nd Zoe McElrea<br /> <u>66m Breaststroke (Record 1.05.98sec)</u><br /> 1st Jenna Griffin (1.34.13s),&nbsp;2nd Zoe McElrea <h3><strong>Senior Boys</strong></h3> <u>33m Backstroke (Record 19.91sec)</u><br /> 1st Kaleb Fegan (23.78s),&nbsp;2nd Levin Coulter-Butler,&nbsp;3rd Joseph Lomas-Carr<br /> <u>66m Backstroke (Record 43.02sec)</u><br /> 1st Joseph Lomas-Carr (1.29.19s),&nbsp;2nd Robert Wilson,&nbsp;3rd Patrick Norman<br /> <u>33m Freestyle (Record 17.57sec)</u><br /> 1st Kaleb Fegan (21.31s),&nbsp;2nd Aiden Mallon,&nbsp;3rd Levin Coulter-Butler<br /> <u>66m Freestyle (Record 39.68sec)</u><br /> 1st Kaleb Fegan (56.22s),&nbsp;2nd Zayde Francis,&nbsp;3rd Callum Davie<br /> <u>100m Freestyle (Record 1.04.47sec)</u><br /> 1st Levin Coulter-Butler (1.37.25s),&nbsp;2nd Aiden Mallon,&nbsp;3rd Robert Wilson<br /> <u>33m Breaststroke (Record 22.56sec)</u><br /> 1st Kaleb Fegan (29.6s),&nbsp;2nd Aiden Mallon,&nbsp;3rd Robert Wilson<br /> <u>66m Breaststroke (Record 51.80sec)</u><br /> 1st Kaleb Fegan (1.80.00s),&nbsp;2nd Callum Davie,&nbsp;3rd Robert Wilson <h3><strong>Senior Girls</strong></h3> <u>33m Backstroke (Record 23.82sec)</u><br /> 1st Morganne-Lee Greene (32.06s),&nbsp;2nd Holly Griffin,&nbsp;3rd Meg Clark<br /> <u>66m Backstroke (Record 51.17sec)</u><br /> 1st Morganne-Lee Greene (1.23.19s),&nbsp;2nd Holly Griffin,&nbsp;3rd Tarryn Roxburgh<br /> <u>33m Freestyle (Record 20.53sec)</u><br /> 1st Jade Findlay (28.75s),&nbsp;2nd Holly Griffin,&nbsp;3rd Morganne-Lee Greene<br /> <u>66m Freestyle (Record 47.27sec)</u><br /> 1st Jade Findlay (1.11.97s),&nbsp;2nd Alena Johnston,&nbsp;4th Tarryn Roxburgh<br /> <u>100m Freestyle (Record 1.11.29sec)</u><br /> 1st Holly Griffin (2.0.62s)<br /> <u>33m Breaststroke (Record 27.35sec)</u><br /> 1st Morganne-Lee Greene (45.57s),&nbsp;2nd Meg Clark,&nbsp;3rd Molly Whitaker<br /> <u>66m Breaststroke (Record 60.00sec)</u><br /> 1st Morganne-Lee Greene (1.54.56s)<br /> &nbsp;<br /> &nbsp;<br /> &nbsp;<br /> &nbsp;<br /> &nbsp;1576148400 Champs 2019 Athletics Results 2019<p><strong>School Athletic Results</strong></p> <p><strong>House Points</strong><br /> 1st Ross 2459.66&nbsp;<br /> 2nd Reid 1872.95&nbsp;<br /> 3rd Ayson 1681.73&nbsp;<br /> 4th Malcolm 1516.65</p> <p><strong>Minor Girls Overall Champions</strong><br /> 1st Sophie Restall<br /> 2nd Gemma Burleigh<br /> 3rd Jessica Allan</p> <p><strong>Minor Boys Overall Champions</strong><br /> 1st Izaac Taylor<br /> 2nd= Murphy Lister/Riley Phillips<br /> <br /> <strong>Junior Girls Overall Champions</strong><br /> 1st Jenna Griffin<br /> 2nd Aimee Edwards<br /> 3rd Zoe McElrea</p> <p><strong>Junior Boys Overall Champions</strong><br /> 1st Millar McElrea<br /> 2nd Jaxson Wood<br /> 3rd Johnny Baxter</p> <p><strong>Intermediate Girls Overall Champions</strong><br /> 1st Holly Griffin<br /> 2nd Morganne-Lee Greene<br /> 3rd Atiya Fraser</p> <p><strong>Intermediate Boys Overall Champions</strong><br /> 1st Conner Phillips<br /> 2nd Nic Clark<br /> 3rd Seth Black</p> <p><strong>Senior Girls Overall Champions</strong><br /> 1st Tayla Frost<br /> 2nd Alicia Gillies<br /> 3rd= Annabelle Philps/Tarryn Roxburgh</p> <p><strong>Senior Boy Overall Champions</strong><br /> 1st Jared Hayes<br /> 2nd Richard Scott<br /> 3rd Levin Coulter-Butler</p> <h3><strong>Minor Girls&nbsp;</strong></h3> <p><strong><em>Track</em></strong><br /> <u>100m (Record 13.25s)</u><br /> 1st Sophie Restall (15.65s),&nbsp;2nd Gemma Burleigh,&nbsp;3rd Lucy Carruthers</p> <p><u>200m (Record 29.44s)</u><br /> 1st Sophie Restall (35.29s),&nbsp;2nd Courtney Scanlan,&nbsp;3rd Jayda White</p> <p><u>400m (Record 1.06.97s</u><br /> 1st Gemma Burleigh (1.22.00s), 2nd Lucy Carruthers,&nbsp;3rd Bella Goddard</p> <p><u>800m (Record 2.44.55s)</u><br /> 1st Gemma Burleigh (3.19.00s),&nbsp;2nd Jessica Allan<br /> <br /> <u>1500m (Record 5.41.04s)</u><br /> 1st Bella Goddard (7.01.00s),&nbsp;2nd Jessica Allan,&nbsp;3rd Hayley Huang</p> <p><u>3000m (Record 12.54.0s)</u><br /> 1st Jessica Allan</p> <p><strong><em>Track Champions</em></strong><br /> 1st Gemma Burleigh,&nbsp;2nd Jessica Allan,&nbsp;3rd Bella Goddard</p> <p><strong><em>Field</em></strong><br /> <u>Discus &ndash; 750gm (Record 21.68m)</u><br /> 1st Courtney Scanlan (13.4m),&nbsp;2nd Gemma Burleigh,&nbsp;3rd Jayda White</p> <p><u>Shot -3kg (Record 8.73m)</u><br /> 1st Sophie Restall (6.99m),&nbsp;2nd Courtney Scanlan,&nbsp;3rd Lucy Carruthers</p> <p><u>Javelin &ndash; 400gm (Record 18.70m)</u><br /> 1st Meela Cockburn (7.25m),&nbsp;2nd Breana Baird</p> <p><u>Long Jump (Record 4.19m)</u><br /> 1st Gemma Burleigh (3.87m),&nbsp;2nd Sophie Restall,&nbsp;3rd Jessica Allan</p> <p><u>High Jump (Record 1.31m)</u><br /> 1st Sophie Restall (1.05m),&nbsp;2nd Lucy Carruthers,&nbsp;3rd Hayley Huang</p> <p><u>Triple Jump (Record 7.08m)</u><br /> 1st Jessica Allan (6.12m)</p> <p><strong><em>Field Champions</em></strong><br /> 1st Sophie Restall,&nbsp;2nd Courtney Scanlan,&nbsp;3rd Lucy Carruthers</p> <h3>&nbsp;<strong>Minor Boys</strong></h3> <p><strong><em>Track</em></strong><br /> <u>100m (Record 13.58s)</u><br /> 1st Tawera Addison (15.38s),&nbsp;2nd Izaac Taylor,&nbsp;3rd Murphy Lister</p> <p><u>200m (Record 29.41s)</u><br /> 1st Bobby McDonald (34.19s),&nbsp;2nd Murphy Lister,&nbsp;3rd Nic Healey</p> <p><u>400m (Record 1.08.02s)</u><br /> 1st Murphy Lister (1.34.00s),&nbsp;2nd Riley Phillips,&nbsp;3rd Will Leslie</p> <p><u>800m (Record 2.40.03s)</u><br /> 1st Nic Healey (3.16.17s),&nbsp;2nd James Maaka,&nbsp;3rd Dylan Cunningham</p> <p><u>1500m (Record 5.12.05s)</u><br /> 1st Brendon Greer (6.12.00s),&nbsp;2nd Dylan Cunningham,&nbsp;3rd Cameron Willis</p> <p><u>3000m (Record 11.23.00s)</u><br /> 1st Brendon Greer (12.56.00s)<br /> <br /> <strong><em>Track Champions</em></strong><br /> 1st Murphy Lister,&nbsp;2nd Brendon Greer,&nbsp;3rd Nic Healey/Cameron Willis</p> <p><strong><em>Field</em></strong><br /> <u>Discus - 1kg (Record 21.33m)</u><br /> 1st Izaac Taylor (<strong>RECORD 21.38m</strong>),&nbsp;2nd Ahurei Barclay,3rd Riley Phillips</p> <p><u>Shot - 3.5kg (Record 8.53m)</u><br /> 1st Ahurei Barclay (<strong>RECORD 8.6m</strong>),&nbsp;2nd Izaac Taylor,&nbsp;3rd Riley Phillips</p> <p><u>Javelin - 600g (Record 22.90m)</u><br /> 1st Vann Adams (13.25m),&nbsp;2nd Alec Murray,&nbsp;3rd Murphy Lister</p> <p><u>Long Jump (Record 4.50m)</u><br /> 1st James Maaka (2.78m),&nbsp;2nd Kyle Cochrane,3rd Jessie Groves</p> <p><u>High Jump (Record 1.33m)</u><br /> 1st Izaac Taylor (1.14m),&nbsp;2nd= Kyle Cochrane/Tawera Addison<br /> <br /> <u>Triple Jump (9.0m)</u><br /> 1st Riley Phillips (6.0m)</p> <p><strong><em>Field Champions</em></strong><br /> 1st Izaac Taylor,&nbsp;2nd Riley Phillips,&nbsp;3rd Ahurei Barclay</p> <h3><strong>Junior Girls</strong></h3> <p><strong><em>Track</em></strong><br /> <u>100m (Record 13.04s)</u><br /> 1st Aimee Edwards (13.81s),&nbsp;2nd Connie McDonald,&nbsp;3rd Izzy Kelcher</p> <p><u>200m (Record 28.06s)</u><br /> 1st Aimee Edwards (30.40s),&nbsp;2nd Connie McDonald,&nbsp;3rd Ingrid Scoon</p> <p><u>400m (Record 1.05.01s)</u><br /> 1st Angie May (1.23.00s),&nbsp;2nd Zoe McElrea,&nbsp;3rd Trinny Murray</p> <p><u>800m (Record 2.41.01s)</u><br /> 1st Jenna Griffin (3.11.00s),&nbsp;2nd Zoe McElrea<br /> <br /> <u>1500m (Record 5.28.04s)</u><br /> 1st Jenna Griffin (6.36.61s)</p> <p><u>3000m (Record 11.48.12s)</u><br /> 1st Jenna Griffin,&nbsp;2nd Zoe McElrea</p> <p><strong><em>Track Champions</em></strong><br /> 1st Jenna Griffin,&nbsp;2nd Zoe McElrea,&nbsp;3rd Aimee Edwards</p> <p><strong><em>Field</em></strong><br /> <u>Discus &ndash; 1kg (Record 25.45m)</u><br /> 1st Aimee Edwards (17.5m),&nbsp;2nd Sarah Edwards,&nbsp;3rd Izzy Kelcher</p> <p><u>Shot - 3.5kg (Record 8.36m)</u><br /> 1st Kaydence Noye (6.81m),&nbsp;2nd Kayla Stevenson,&nbsp;3rd Alyse Butler</p> <p><u>Javelin - 600g (Record 22.75m)</u><br /> 1st Hope Hunt (5.5m),&nbsp;2nd Micaela Laing,&nbsp;3rd Kayla Stevenson</p> <p><u>Long Jump (Record 4.36m)</u><br /> 1st Jenna Griffin (3.21m),&nbsp;2nd Mckenzie Wyber,&nbsp;3rd Briah Smith</p> <p><u>High Jump (Record 1.42m)</u><br /> 1st Aimee Edwards (1.20m),&nbsp;2nd Jenna Griffin,&nbsp;3rd Makayla Wills</p> <p><u>Triple Jump (Record 9.17m)</u><br /> 1st Zoe McElrea (6.82m)</p> <p><strong><em>Field Champions</em></strong><br /> 1st Aimee Edwards,&nbsp;2nd Jenna Griffin,&nbsp;3rd Kaydence Noye</p> <h3><strong>Junior Boys</strong></h3> <p><strong><em>Track</em></strong><br /> <u>100m (Record 12.30s)</u><br /> 1st Millar McElrea (12.43s),&nbsp;2nd Soul George,&nbsp;3rd Jaxson Wood</p> <p><u>200m (Record 24.28s)</u><br /> 1st Millar McElrea (25.86s),&nbsp;2nd Brodie Ferguson,&nbsp;3rd Jaxson Wood</p> <p><u>400m (Record 57.96s)</u><br /> 1st Millar McElrea (58.12s),&nbsp;2nd Jaxson Wood,&nbsp;3rd Johnny Baxter</p> <p><u>800m (Record 2.26.08s)</u><br /> 1st Alex Burleigh (2.54.00s),&nbsp;2nd Wyatt Mallon,&nbsp;3rd Johnny Baxter</p> <p><u>1500m (Record 4.56.01s)</u><br /> 1st Jamie Keoghan (6.16.00s),&nbsp;2nd Wyatt Mallon,&nbsp;3rd Samuel Norman</p> <p><u>3000m (Record 11.03.01s)</u><br /> 1st Johnny Fegan (14.13.00s),&nbsp;2nd Ben Shanks,&nbsp;<br /> <br /> <strong><em>Track Champions</em></strong><br /> 1st Millar McElrea,&nbsp;2nd Toby Greene,&nbsp;3rd Ryan Clark</p> <p><strong><em>Field</em></strong><br /> <u>Discus - 1kg (Record 32.39m)</u><br /> 1st Alex Burleigh (18.48m),&nbsp;2nd Teraemana Barclay-Thompson,&nbsp;3rd Joseph Birch</p> <p><u>Shot - 4kg (Record 11.97m)</u><br /> 1st Brodie Ferguson (7.86m),&nbsp;2nd Jacob Murray,&nbsp;3rd Jahqeil De Seymour</p> <p><u>Javelin - 600g (Record 31.40m)</u><br /> 1st Ryan Clark (15.50m),&nbsp;2nd Jahqeil De Seymour,&nbsp;3rd Kayden Kreft</p> <p><u>Long Jump (Record 5.13m)</u><br /> 1st Millar McElrea (<strong>RECORD 5.19m</strong>),&nbsp;2nd Toby Greene,&nbsp;3rd Ezekiel Scurr</p> <p><u>High Jump (Record 1.53m)</u><br /> 1st Millar McElrea (<strong>RECORD 1.65m</strong>),&nbsp;2nd Soul George<br /> <br /> <strong><em>Field Champions</em></strong><br /> 1st Millar McElrea,&nbsp;2nd Toby Greene,&nbsp;3rd Ryan Clark</p> <h3><strong>Intermediate Girls</strong></h3> <p><strong><em>Track</em></strong><br /> <u>100m (Record 13.02s)</u><br /> 1st Atiya Fraser (14.84s),&nbsp;2nd Morganne-Lee Greene,&nbsp;3rd Meg Clark</p> <p><u>200m (Record 28.01s)</u><br /> 1st Atiya Fraser (31.39s),&nbsp;2nd Meg Clark,&nbsp;3rd Phoebe Beale</p> <p><u>400m (Record 67.03s)</u><br /> 1st<span style="font-size:10.8333px"> </span>Atiya Fraser (1.15.00s),&nbsp;2nd Phoebe Beale<br /> <br /> <u>800m (Record 2.21.86s)</u><br /> 1st Holly Griffin (3.00.00s),&nbsp;2nd Anna Clarke</p> <p><u>1500m (Record 5.32.55s)</u><br /> 1st Holly Griffin (6.07.28s),&nbsp;2nd Meg Clark&nbsp;</p> <p><u>3000m (Record 11.40.28s)</u><br /> 1st Holly Griffin,&nbsp;2nd Morganne-Lee Greene</p> <p><strong><em>Track Champions</em></strong><br /> 1st= Atiya Fraser/Holly Griffin,&nbsp;3rd Meg Clark</p> <p><strong><em>Field</em></strong><br /> <u>Discus - 1kg (Record 27.33m)</u><br /> 1st Saige White (16.37m),&nbsp;2nd Shannon De Seymour,&nbsp;3rd Meg Clark</p> <p><u>Shot - 3kg (Record 10.51m)</u><br /> 1st Saige White (9.0m),&nbsp;2nd Stevie Gunion,&nbsp;3rd Jade Kyle</p> <p><u>Javelin - 600g (Record 46.82m)</u><br /> 1st Stevie Gunion (15.07m),&nbsp;2nd Saige White,&nbsp;3rd Shannon De Seymour</p> <p><u>Long Jump (Record 4.70m)</u><br /> 1st Morganne-Lee Greene (3.50m),&nbsp;2nd Atiya Fraser,&nbsp;3rd Jade Kyle</p> <p><u>Triple Jump (Record 11.20m)</u><br /> 1st Holly Griffin (7.72m),&nbsp;2nd Morganne-Lee Greene,&nbsp;3rd Abby Bugden</p> <p><strong><em>Field Champions</em></strong><br /> 1st Saige White,&nbsp;2nd Shannon De Seymour,&nbsp;3rd Stevie Gunion</p> <h3><strong>Intermediate Boys</strong></h3> <p><strong><em>Track</em></strong><br /> <u>100m (Record 11.80s)</u><br /> 1st Olly Milburn (13.12s),&nbsp;2nd Nic Clark,&nbsp;3rd Harley Butler</p> <p><u>200m (Record 24.12s)</u><br /> 1st Nic Clark (28.34s),&nbsp;2nd Harley Butler,&nbsp;3rd Zane Cochrane</p> <p><u>800m (Record 2.13.03s)</u><br /> 1st Conner Phillips (2.57.00s)</p> <p><u>1500m (Record 4.28.09s)</u><br /> 1st Angus Lloyd (5.58.04s)</p> <p><u>3000m (Record 9.46.02s)</u><br /> 1st Conner Phillips (13.07.00s), 2nd Angus Lloyd,&nbsp;3rd Nathan Davie</p> <p><strong><em>Track Champions</em></strong><br /> 1st Angus Lloyd,&nbsp;2nd Conner Phillips,&nbsp;3rd Nic Clark</p> <p><strong><em>Field</em></strong><br /> <u>Discus - 1.25kg (Record 36.63m)</u><br /> 1st Seth Black (20.68m),&nbsp;2nd Harry Birch,&nbsp;3rd Jack Taane</p> <p><u>Shot - 5kg (Record 11.70m)</u><br /> 1st Jon-Duncan McLeod (8.45m),&nbsp;2nd Spencer Davey,&nbsp;3rd Brooklyn Milligan</p> <p><u>Javelin - 700g (Record 46.82m)</u><br /> 1st Seth Black (23.15m),&nbsp;2nd Conner Phillips,&nbsp;3rd Nic Clark</p> <p><u>Long Jump (Record 5.81m)</u><br /> 1st Harley Butler (4.41m),&nbsp;2nd Mathew Stephen,&nbsp;3rd Zane Cochrane</p> <p><u>High Jump (Record 1.69m)</u><br /> 1st Jimmy Flannery (1.45m),&nbsp;2nd Nic Clark,&nbsp;3rd Conner Phillips</p> <p><u>Triple Jump (Record 11.20m)</u><br /> 1st Conner Phillips (9.65m),&nbsp;2nd Nic Clark</p> <p><strong><em>Field Champions</em></strong><br /> 1st Conner Phillips,&nbsp;2nd Nic Clark,&nbsp;3rd Seth Black</p> <h3><strong>Senior Girls</strong></h3> <p><strong><em>Track</em></strong><br /> <u>100m (Record 13.26s)</u><br /> 1st Tayla Frost (16.35s),&nbsp;2nd Annabelle Philps,&nbsp;3rd Jade Findlay</p> <p><u>200m (Record 28.35s)</u><br /> 1st Tayla Frost (41.53s),&nbsp;2nd Jade Findlay<br /> <br /> <u>400m (Record 65.53s)</u><br /> 1st Regan Roxburgh (1.24.00s),&nbsp;2nd Alicia Gillies,&nbsp;3rd Molly Whitaker</p> <p><u>800m (Record 2.40.26s)</u><br /> 1st Tarryn Roxburgh (3.10.00s)</p> <p><u>1500m (Record 5.37.68s)</u><br /> 1st Tarryn Roxburgh (6.29.13s)</p> <p><u>3000m (Record 11.52.00s)</u><br /> 1st Tarryn Roxburgh</p> <p><strong><em>Track Champions</em></strong><br /> 1st Tarryn Roxburgh,&nbsp;2nd Tayla Frost,&nbsp;3rd Jade Findlay</p> <p><strong><em>Field</em></strong><br /> <u>Discus - 1kg (Record 33.68m)</u><br /> 1st Alicia Gillies (18.52m),&nbsp;2nd Annabelle Philps,&nbsp;3rd Jade Findlay</p> <p><u>Shot - 4kg (Record 10.64m)</u><br /> 1st Alicia Gillies (6.81m),&nbsp;2nd Angel McLeod,&nbsp;3rd Annabelle Philps</p> <p><u>Javelin - 600g (Record 29.80m)</u><br /> 1st Annabelle Philps (10.34m),&nbsp;2nd Christina Excell-Catterall<br /> <br /> <u>Long Jump (Record 4.65m)</u><br /> 1st Tayla Frost (3.11m),&nbsp;2nd Alicia Gillies,&nbsp;3rd Clara Scoon</p> <p><u>High Jump (Record 1.48m)</u><br /> 1st Tayla Frost (1.20m),&nbsp;2nd Jade Findlay,&nbsp;3rd Clara Scoon</p> <p><strong><em>Field Champions</em></strong></p> <p>1st &nbsp;Alicia Gillies,&nbsp;2nd= Tayla Frost/Annabelle Philps</p> <h3><strong>Senior Boys</strong></h3> <p><strong><em>Track</em></strong><br /> <u>100m (Record 11.45s)</u><br /> 1st Richard Scott (12.36s)<br /> 2nd Levin Coulter-Butler<br /> 3rd Zayde Francis</p> <p><u>200m (Record 24.00s)</u><br /> 1st Richard Scott (26.45s)<br /> 2nd Zayde Francis<br /> 3rd Joseph Lomas-Carr</p> <p><u>400m (Record 55.06s)</u><br /> 1st Jared Hayes (62.00s)<br /> 2nd Aaron Taane Carr<br /> 3rd Zayde Francis</p> <p><u>800m (Record 2.07.07s)</u><br /> 1st Jared Hayes (2.33.00s),&nbsp;2nd Patrick Norman,&nbsp;3rd Kaleb Fegan</p> <p><u>1500m (Record 2.07.07s)</u><br /> 1st&nbsp; Jared Hayes (5.19.00s),&nbsp;2nd Kaleb Fegan,&nbsp;3rd Patrick Norman</p> <p><u>3000m (Record 10.14.03s)</u><br /> 1st Kaleb Fegan 12.05.00s),&nbsp;2nd Patrick Norman<br /> <br /> <strong><em>Track Champions</em></strong><br /> 1st Jared Hayes,&nbsp;2nd Kaleb Fegan,&nbsp;3rd Patrick Norman</p> <p><strong><em>Field</em></strong><br /> <u>Discus - 1.5kg (Record 36.91m)</u><br /> 1st Zayde Francis (28.05m), 2nd Levin Coulter-Butler,&nbsp;3rd Josh Phillips</p> <p><u>Shot - 5kg (Record 11.05m)</u><br /> 1st Levin Coulter-Butler (10.36m),&nbsp;2nd Josh Phillips,&nbsp;3rd Robert Wilson</p> <p><u>Javelin - 700g (Record 42.64m)</u><br /> 1st Alex Scholten (26.10m),&nbsp;2nd Levin Coulter-Butler,&nbsp;3rd Jadin Coulter-Butler</p> <p><u>Long Jump (Record 5.86m)</u><br /> 1st Jared Hayes (5.29m),&nbsp;2nd Richard Scott,&nbsp;3rd Joseph Lomas-Carr</p> <p><u>High Jump (Record 1.74m)</u><br /> 1st Richard Scott (1.50m),&nbsp;2nd Kellan Crowie,&nbsp;3rd Aiden Mallon</p> <p><u>Triple Jump (Record 12.25m)</u><br /> 1st Kellan Crowie (11.50m),&nbsp;2nd Jared Hayes,&nbsp;3rd Richard Scott&nbsp;</p> <p><strong><em>Field Champions</em></strong><br /> 1st Levin Coulter-Butler,&nbsp;2nd Richard Scott,&nbsp;3rd Josh Phillips</p>1575111600 Results 2019 Measles Information for staff and parents - Q & A<strong>Measles Information for staff and parents &ndash; Q &amp; A</strong><br /> <strong>What are the symptoms? </strong><br /> The signs of measles are a cough, high fever, runny nose and sore red eyes. A few days later, a rash begins on the head and spreads across the body.<br /> &nbsp;<br /> <strong>How do I know if I&rsquo;m immune to measles?</strong><br /> To know that you are 99% immune to measles one or more of the following should apply to you: <ol> <li>You have had two measles vaccines (MMR). You need to check your vaccination records in your Well Child (Plunket book) or your family doctor may have records. Please show your principal your vaccination record.</li> <li>OR you have been diagnosed with measles in the past, or have a blood test proving measles immunity</li> <li>OR you were born before 1969 as you are likely to have had measles as a child.</li> </ol> &nbsp;<br /> You are almost certainly protected from measles if one of the above applies and will not need to be isolated if you come into contact with someone with measles.<br /> &nbsp;<br /> <strong>I&rsquo;ve only had one MMR &ndash; do I have to get another vaccination? </strong><br /> To ensure you are 99% protected against measles, it is important to have a second MMR as this vaccine also protects against mumps and rubella. Whilst one MMR does offer 95% of people immunity, it still provides gaps in our community coverage against measles, which puts vulnerable people like new born babies and people with compromised immune systems (e.g. having cancer treatment) at high risk.<br /> &nbsp;<br /> <strong>Why do I (or my child) have to stay at home in isolation? </strong><br /> If you are developing measles, staying home stops it spreading to others and making them unwell.<br /> &nbsp;<br /> <strong>What does isolation mean? </strong><br /> It means staying home away from others. Do not go to work, school, group or social activities, sports, or public places like movie theatres, shopping malls, supermarkets and other food markets. Do not use public transport or visit friends or family. Avoid being in the same room as people who are not immune to measles.<br /> &nbsp;<br /> <strong>What if I or my child feel worse or have symptoms, and need to go to a doctor again? </strong><br /> If you need to see a doctor, <strong>phone</strong> the medical centre or after-hours clinic <strong>before</strong> going there and tell them you (or your child) may have measles. When you arrive, you must be isolated and not sit in the waiting room.<br /> &nbsp;<br /> <strong>My child hasn&rsquo;t been in the same classroom as a measles case. Are they still at risk? </strong><br /> If your child has been in the same class, room or space as the person with measles while they were infectious, then your child will have been exposed. If your child is not in the same class, even though they may have been in the same classroom afterwards or in the same hall or playground, the risk is much lower. The school is not asking you to keep your child at home, but do watch for symptoms, particularly if they are not vaccinated. We also ask you to check that they are vaccinated.<br /> &nbsp;<br /> &nbsp;<br /> &nbsp;<br /> <strong>I don&rsquo;t have any proof that I have been vaccinated&ndash; what do I do? </strong><br /> If you have been exposed to measles but are younger than 50 years, and if your doctor cannot confirm you have been vaccinated or had measles, you may be asked to stay home for the isolation period. Please get vaccinated when you are out of isolation.<br /> &nbsp;<br /> <strong>If my child has been exposed to measles, do I have to tell others? </strong><br /> You do not need to tell anyone else that your child may be developing measles and is in isolation, unless your child is confirmed as having the virus. Only then will you need to inform the school, and then any family and social contacts.<br /> &nbsp;<br /> <strong>I&rsquo;m pregnant or have a weak immune system &ndash; am I at risk? </strong><br /> Pregnant women who haven&rsquo;t been vaccinated, and anyone with a weakened immune system, are at greater risk of measles complications. They or their caregiver should ask their doctor or lead maternity carer for advice.<br /> &nbsp;1567684800 Information for staff and parents - Q & A Scholarships link takes you to Scholarships NZ Guide and tips for success.<br /> <br /> <a href=";id=ef8f124a5d&amp;e=78f971e175">;id=ef8f124a5d&amp;e=78f971e175</a>1553684400