Tokomairiro High School News Feed Tokomairiro High School Scholarships link takes you to Scholarships NZ Guide and tips for success.<br /> <br /> <a href=";id=ef8f124a5d&amp;e=78f971e175">;id=ef8f124a5d&amp;e=78f971e175</a>1553684400 Chromebooks 2019 2019<br /> The chromebooks will continue to be a tool used to support student learning. Students from all levels will be issued a chromebook that becomes theirs to use at school and at home during the school year. The costings for the hire of the chromebooks next year will be the same as this year &ndash; $40 per year for Year 7 students and $80 per year for all other students, with a maximum of $120 per family. Each student will pay $20 at the beginning of the year to secure a chromebook and the balance of the payment is to be paid by the beginning of Term 2.<br /> This year there will also be a $50 bond for each chromebook, to be paid at the beginning of the year. This will be re-paid when the chromebook is returned to the school, if there has been no damage to the chromebook during the year.1547982000 2019 School Uniform<p><strong>SCHOOL UNIFORM</strong></p> <p>The new uniform is compulsory for all 2019 year 7 and year 12/13 students.<br /> Students from other year levels (year 8, 9, 10 &amp; 11) can choose to remain in&nbsp;their current uniform or change to the new uniform but can not have a mix of old and new uniform.</p> <p><strong>NZ Uniforms Pop-up Shop</strong><br /> These are planned for Tuesday 22 and Wednesday 23 January from 10.00am &ndash; 3.00pm at school.&nbsp;<br /> The uniforms can also be purchased through the website or at the NZ Uniforms shop at 124 Crawford Street, Dunedin.</p> <p>The PTA uniform shop will also be open on 22 and 23 January for parent who wish to purchase any of the old uniform.</p>1547031600 Uniform Stationery List for 2019<a href="/files/2871/file/Stationery-List-2019-Y7-8-pdf" data-object-ref="content/download:551">Years 7/8</a><br /> <br /> <a href="/files/2872/file/Stationery-List-2019-Y9-pdf" data-object-ref="content/download:552">Year 9</a><br /> <br /> <a href="/files/2873/file/Stationery-List-2019-Y10-pdf" data-object-ref="content/download:553">Year 10</a><br /> <br /> <a href="/files/2874/file/Stationery-List-2019-Y11-13-pdf" data-object-ref="content/download:554">Years 11/12/13</a>1545044400 List for 2019 Prize Giving 2018<h2 id="E61"><strong>TOKOMAIRIRO HIGH SCHOOL 2018 PRIZE LIST<br /> 12th December 2018</strong></h2> <p id="E73">&nbsp;</p> <h3 id="E74"><strong>ACADEMIC AWARDS</strong></h3> <p id="E76"><strong>Year 13</strong></p> <p id="E78">Oliver Blackbourn (diligence in drama and gateway),<br /> Rhys Davie (first in digital technology, mathematics with calculus, Jean Littlejohn Prize in mathematics, diligence in chemistry, physics, English and mathematics with calculus),<br /> Zamira de Montgomery (first in horticulture),<br /> Rebecca Hutton (first in workshop technology, diligence in geography and horticulture),<br /> Anna Jordan (first in biology, English and distance learning, diligence in digital technology),<br /> Jorjah Mason-Waru (diligence in applied mathematics),<br /> Laura Scanlan (first in mathematics with statistics, geography, biology, chemistry and physics, diligence in biology and mathematics with statistics, Reid Memorial Prize for science, and Zonta Prize for excellence in science &amp; mathematics),<br /> George Philps (first in food technology),<br /> Jess Thin (first in physical education &amp; health, diligence in geography, physical education &amp; health),<br /> Ryan Weatherall (Rosslyn Art Gallery trophy for excellence in the visual arts),<br /> Reuben Wilson (first in applied mathematics and geography)</p> <p id="E89"><strong>Year 12</strong></p> <p id="E91">Kelsey Carter (first in horticulture),<br /> Leven Coulter-Butler (diligence in physical education),<br /> Josh Cross (diligence in digital technology),<br /> Kellan Crowie (first in art, diligence in mathematics),<br /> Kaleb Fegan (first in biology),<br /> Alicia Gillies (first in applied mathematics and physical education),<br /> Shaydn Mason (first in visual media communication, diligence in art and applied mathematics),<br /> Grace Michelle (first in English and drama, diligence in English and biology),<br /> Josh Phillips (first in mathematics and workshop technology),<br /> Krishneel Pratap (first in chemistry and physics, diligence in chemistry and physics),<br /> Clara Scoon (first in physics),<br /> Richard Scott (first in digital technology),<br /> Laura Wilkinson (first in gateway, diligence in gateway and horticulture)</p> <p id="E107"><strong>Year 11</strong></p> <p id="E109">Meg Clark (first in horticulture),<br /> Callum Davie (Agnes &amp; John Littlejohn prize for first in mathematics, first in physical education and science, diligence in digital technology),<br /> Jacob Gillies (Mainland Fasteners prize for first in workshop technology),<br /> Harry Greer (first in gateway and agricultural science),<br /> Ben Hutton (first in horticulture),<br /> Nicole Keen (first in agricultural science, diligence in English),<br /> Paige Mackie (diligence in gateway),<br /> Aiden Mallon (diligence in applied mathematics and horticulture),<br /> Kaitlyn Mathieson (first in applied mathematics),<br /> Joseph Mills (first in digital technology),<br /> Mereana Phillips (first in Maori studies),<br /> Annabelle Philps (Fowler Art and Craft Trophy for first in art),<br /> Regan Roxburgh (diligence in food technology),<br /> Tarryn Roxburgh (first in English and geography, CWI prize for first in food technology, diligence in English, geography, physical education and mathematics),<br /> Heather West (first in English, geography and humanities, diligence in English, geography, mathematics and science, Rosslyn trophy for the most improved student in year 11 art),</p> <p id="E126"><strong>Year 10</strong></p> <p id="E128">Mia Flannery (first in English, art, food technology and health, diligence in mathematics),<br /> Morganne-Lee Greene (first in physical education, diligence in English),<br /> Holly Griffin (first in French, diligence in French),<br /> Alena Johnston (first in science, social studies and digital technology, diligence in food technology),<br /> Angus Lloyd (first in workshop technology, diligence in physical education),<br /> Myckaella Mesquita Mapurunga (diligence in food technology and workshop technology),<br /> Kunaal Pratap (first in music and mathematics, diligence in science and social studies),<br /> Darrien Schaaf (first in drama),<br /> Baylee Weatherall (diligence in health and art)</p> <p id="E132"><strong>Year 9</strong></p> <p id="E134">Seth Black (first in English, mathematics, art, graphics and science, diligence in workshop technology),<br /> Nova Carey-Mount (diligence in science, health and digital technology),<br /> Nic Clark (diligence in music),<br /> Anna Clarke (diligence in mathematics and graphics)<br /> Alex Cox-Herring (first in English and music, diligence in science),<br /> Nathan Davie (first in mathematics, digital technology and science),<br /> Shannon De Seymour (first in physical education and horticulture, diligence in social studies),<br /> Isaac Herbert (diligence in social studies and physical education),<br /> Ben Lister (first in social studies and workshop technology, diligence in science and physical education),<br /> Angie May (first in health and drama),<br /> Ally-Mae Michelle (first in health and food technology, diligence in art)</p> <p id="E144"><strong>Year 8</strong></p> <p id="E146">Ryan Clark (first in digital technology, diligence in French and physical education),<br /> Jor&rsquo;jah De Seymour (first in music and Maori),<br /> Bella Gordon-Glassford (first in English, art, French and social studies),<br /> Toby Greene (diligence in soft materials technology),<br /> Lucy Greer (first in mathematics),<br /> Jenna Griffin (first in science, Maori and health, diligence in English, music and workshop technology),<br /> Anna McClean (first in workshop technology, diligence in health),<br /> Millar McElrea (first in workshop technology),<br /> Zoe McElrea (first in English, Maori, social studies, science, art, French, soft materials technology and health, Littlejohn prize for first in mathematics, diligence in digital technology and music),<br /> Erin Willis (first in physical education and soft materials technology, diligence in art),<br /> Renee Willis (first in science and physical education, diligence in mathematics, science, art, French, Maori, soft materials technology and music)</p> <p id="E171"><strong>Year 7</strong></p> <p id="E173">Meela Cockburn (first in health, diligence in science),<br /> Phoenix Dobson (diligence in French and music),<br /> Sarah Edwards (first in Maori),<br /> Sebastian Gaudin (diligence in digital technology and soft materials technology),<br /> Amy Hill (diligence in mathematics, Maori and music),<br /> Matt Hutton (first in music, diligence in English, social studies and physical education),<br /> Holley Jeffery (diligence in English, social studies and mathematics),<br /> Murphy Lister (first in English, diligence in social studies and French),<br /> Wyatt Mallon (first in science and physical education),<br /> Connor Milburn (first in English, science and mathematics),<br /> Jacob Murray (diligence in science and mathematics),<br /> Tane Nichol (first in mathematics, diligence in French),<br /> Samuel Norman (first in physical education),<br /> Kaylee-May Phillips (first in social studies, French and health, diligence in art and Maori),<br /> Vinnie Tawhiti (first in digital technology and French),<br /> Makayla Wills (first in social studies, Maori, art, French and music, diligence in physical education and health)</p> <p id="E183">&nbsp;</p> <p id="E184"><strong>SPORTS AWARDS</strong></p> <p id="E186">Brooke Anthony (most improved junior hockey player &ndash; years 7 - 9),<br /> Sam Brown (senior boys athletics champion, most valuable boy touch player),<br /> Meg Clark (most valuable girl touch player),<br /> Nic Clark (intermediate boys swimming champion),<br /> Levin Coulter-Butler (most valuable senior boy hockey player),<br /> Sarah Edwards (minor girls cross country champion),<br /> Johnny Fegan (minor boys athletics, cross country and swimming champion),<br /> Kaleb Fegan (senior boys swimming champion),<br /> Atiya Fraser (intermediate girls athletics champion),<br /> Morganne-Lee Greene (most valuable junior touch player &ndash; Y10 and below, intermediate girls swimming champion, Bruce Cup for best all round junior hockey player),<br /> Alicia Gillies (senior girls swimming champion),<br /> Holly Griffin (intermediate girls cross country and swimming champion, most valuable senior girl hockey player)<br /> Jared Hayes (intermediate boys athletics champion and senior boys cross country champion),<br /> Izzy Kelcher (minor girls athletics champion), Jade Kyle (junior merit netball),<br /> Jorjah Mason-Waru (senior girls athletics champion, senior merit netball, most consistent netball player at SISS netball tournament),<br /> Millar McElrea (junior boys athletics, cross country and swimming champion, most valuable year 7/8 touch player),<br /> Conner Phillips (intermediate boys cross country champion),<br /> Regan Roxburgh (senior girls cross country champion),<br /> Molly Smith (junior girls athletics and cross country champion),<br /> Erin Willis (junior girls swimming champion),<br /> Heather West (Milton Cup for the most improved senior hockey player),<br /> Makayla Wills (minor girls swimming champion), &nbsp;<br /> &nbsp;</p> <p id="E270"><strong>CULTURAL AWARDS</strong></p> <p id="E272">Oliver Blackbourn (senior music prize, contribution to school drama production),<br /> Bella Gordon-Glassford (year 8 speech prize),<br /> Ben Pepper (Rotary Senior Oratory prize for excellence in speaking, Catherine Weir Mana Award for excellence in kapa haka),<br /> Grace Michelle (literary award, senior music prize),<br /> Makayla Wills (year 7 speech prize, Anderton Prize for the most promising musician)</p> <p id="E290">&nbsp;</p> <p id="E291"><strong>SPECIAL AWARDS</strong></p> <p id="E293">Ransome Awards for diligence and progress not otherwise recognised:<br /> Year 7 - Holley Jeffery, Jacob Murray;<br /> Year 8 - Toby Greene, Anna McClean;<br /> Year 9 - Ally-Mae Michelle</p> <p id="E299">Junior Diploma Awards:<br /> Makayla Wills, Murphy Lister (Year 7);<br /> Zoe McElrea, Renee Willis (Year 8);<br /> Seth Black, Ben Lister (Year 9);<br /> Mia Flannery, Morganne-Lee Greene (Year 10)</p> <p id="E311">Bronson Blackbourn (Outstanding Achievement Award, Ruth Robins Community Award for&nbsp;outstanding contribution &amp; involvement in school &amp; wider community, University of Otago leaders of tomorrow scholarship),<br /> Harley Butler (Lions Trophy for junior boys citizenship),<br /> Rhys Davie (University of Otago leaders of tomorrow scholarship, academic diligence cup, proxime accessit),<br /> Mia Flannery (Lions Trophy for junior girls citizenship, Duffy Memorial prize for best all round pupil &ndash; junior school),<br /> Jared Hayes (best all round sportsman),<br /> Rebecca Hutton (Rotary tertiary study award, Brian Buschl Carpe Diem Award for student who makes the most of opportunities, J B Roy Prize for student who best fulfils the school motto &ndash; learning, self-control courtesy,),<br /> Anna Jordan (principal&rsquo;s leadership award, University of Otago leaders of tomorrow scholarship, Dickinson Citizenship Shield for senior girls citizenship, proxime accessit),<br /> Claire Lockerbie (Alice Baird sustainability award),<br /> Jorjah Mason-Waru (best all round sportswoman,<br /> Whakatutukipono Maori Award - Korowai),<br /> Ben Pepper (Whakatutukipono Maori Award &ndash; Mere),<br /> George Philps (University of Otago 150th entrance scholarship),<br /> Laura Scanlan (dux, Vollwiler Family Trust scholarship for tertiary study, A &amp; P Agricultural Society tertiary education scholarship),<br /> Jess Thin (Otago Polytechnic principal&rsquo;s scholarship award),<br /> Reuben Wilson (principal&rsquo;s leadership award, Dickinson Citizenship Shield for senior boys citizenship, J B Roy Prize for student who best fulfils the school motto &ndash; learning, self-control, courtesy)</p> <p id="E427">&nbsp;</p> <p id="E428">&nbsp;</p> <p id="E429">&nbsp;</p> <p id="E430">&nbsp;</p> <p id="E431">&nbsp;</p> <p id="E432">&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>1544698800 Giving 2018 Scholarships available to School Leavers 2018<strong>Scholarships Available to School Leavers 2018</strong><br /> The following scholarships are available for students to apply.&nbsp; Please email your applications to Mrs Sim or hand them in to the school office. Applications for these scholarships must be received by <strong>Tuesday 30 October</strong>.&nbsp;<br /> The recipients will be announced at Prizegiving on 12 December 2018.<br /> <br /> <strong>Otago Polytechnic School Principal&rsquo;s Leadership Scholarship</strong> <ul> <li>must be attending Otago Polytechnic in 2019</li> <li>$1500 per year towards course fees (for 3 years for a multi-year course)</li> </ul> &nbsp;<br /> <strong>Vollweiler Family Trust Scholarship</strong> <ul> <li>$1000 towards for a tertiary course in 2019</li> </ul> &nbsp;<br /> <strong>Rotary Club of Milton Tertiary Education Scholarship</strong> <ul> <li>$2000 for a student&rsquo;s first year of study at a tertiary institution in 2019</li> </ul> &nbsp;<br /> <strong>Tokomairiro A &amp; P Society </strong><strong>AGRICULTURAL TERTIARY EDUCATION SCHOLARSHIP</strong> <ul> <li>$1000 for any pupil of Tokomairiro High School who chooses to follow a course at any Agricultural Tertiary Education Institution, ie, University, Polytechnics, etc.</li> </ul> &nbsp;<br /> There is more information about these scholarships, along with instructions for applying, on links below.<br /> <br /> <a href="/files/2836/file/Otago-Polytechnic-Principal-s-Leadership-Scholarship-Student-Information-for-2019-1-pdf" data-object-ref="content/download:549">Otago Polytechnic Scholarship</a><br /> <br /> <a href="/files/2834/file/Vollweiler-Family-Trust-Scholarship-application-criteria-2018-pdf" data-object-ref="content/download:547">Vollweiler Family Trust Scholarship</a><br /> <br /> <a href="/files/2833/file/Rotary-Scholarship-Application-and-Info-pdf" data-object-ref="content/download:546">Rotary Club of Milton Scholarship</a><br /> <br /> <a href="/files/2835/file/A-P-Scholarship-Application-and-Info-pdf" data-object-ref="content/download:548">Tokomairiro A &amp; P Society Scholarship</a><br /> &nbsp;<br /> <br /> &nbsp;1539514800 available to School Leavers 2018 2018 Trail Bike Ride<a href="/2018-trail-bike-ride" data-object-ref="scm_sub_page_content:111">Click here for Information and registration for this year&#39;s Lake to the Sea Trail Bike Ride.</a>1536667200 Trail Bike Ride THS Swimming Results 2018<strong>House Points</strong><br /> 1<sup>st</sup> Ross 1137 points<br /> 2<sup>nd</sup> Malcolm 987 points<br /> 3<sup>rd</sup> Ayson 835 points<br /> 4<sup>th</sup> Reid 753 points<br /> &nbsp;<br /> <strong>Minor Boys</strong><br /> <u>33m Backstroke (Record 25.90sec)</u><br /> 1<sup>st</sup> Connor Milburn (37.87s)<br /> 2<sup>nd</sup> Tane Nichol<br /> 3<sup>rd</sup> Murphy Lister<br /> <u>66m Backstroke (Record 1.04.56sec)</u><br /> 1<sup>st</sup> Johnny Fegan (1.13.04s)<br /> 2<sup>nd</sup> Ezekiel Scurr<br /> 3<sup>rd</sup> Sebastian Gaudin<br /> <u>33m Freestyle (Record 21.78sec)</u><br /> 1<sup>st</sup> Johnny Fegan (25.16s)<br /> 2<sup>nd</sup> Josh Lister<br /> 3<sup>rd</sup> Jacob Murray<br /> <u>66m Freestyle (Record 48.97sec)</u><br /> 1<sup>st</sup> Johnny Fegan (1.00.35s)<br /> 2<sup>nd</sup> Wyatt Mallon<br /> 3<sup>rd</sup> Ben Shanks<br /> <u>33m Breaststroke (Record 28.55sec)</u><br /> 1<sup>st</sup> Johnny Fegan (36.97s)<br /> 2<sup>nd</sup> Josh Lister<br /> 3<sup>rd</sup> Wyatt Mallon<br /> <u>66m Breaststroke (Record 1.14.7sec)</u><br /> 1<sup>st </sup>Johnny Fegan (1.26.28s)<br /> <strong>Champions</strong><br /> Johnny Fegan<br /> &nbsp;<br /> <strong>Minor Girls</strong><br /> <u>33m Backstroke (Record 25.09sec)</u><br /> 1<sup>st</sup> Makayla Wills (32.13s)<br /> 2<sup>nd</sup> Gemma Brady<br /> 3<sup>rd</sup> Analise Scanlan<br /> <u>33m Freestyle (Record 21.62sec)</u><br /> 1<sup>st</sup> Sarah Edwards (25.60s)<br /> 2<sup>nd</sup> Makayla Wills<br /> 3<sup>rd</sup> Gemma Brady<br /> <u>66m Freestyle (Record 49.35sec)</u><br /> 1<sup>st</sup> Gemma Brady (1.13.53s)<br /> 2<sup>nd</sup> Lucy Carruthers<br /> 3<sup>rd</sup> Meela Cockburn<br /> <u>33m Breaststroke (Record 29.00sec)</u><br /> 1<sup>st</sup> Makayla Wills (39.47s)<br /> 2<sup>nd</sup> Lucy Carruthers<br /> <strong>Champions</strong><br /> Makayla Wills<br /> &nbsp;<br /> <strong>Junior Boys</strong><br /> <u>33m Backstroke (Record 22.81sec)</u><br /> 1<sup>st</sup> Millar McElrea (26.50s)<br /> 2<sup>nd</sup> Alex Burleigh<br /> 3<sup>rd</sup> Toby Greene<br /> <u>66m Backstroke (Record 1.00.59sec)</u><br /> 1<sup>st</sup> Millar McElrea (1.03.97s)<br /> 2<sup>nd</sup> Alex Burleigh<br /> <u>33m Freestyle (Record 19.33sec)</u><br /> 1<sup>st</sup> Millar McElrea (21.75s)<br /> 2<sup>nd</sup> Alex Burleigh<br /> 3<sup>rd</sup> Toby Greene<br /> <u>66m Freestyle (Record 41.85sec)</u><br /> 1<sup>st</sup> Millar McElrea (57.38s)<br /> 2<sup>nd</sup> Alex Burleigh<br /> 3<sup>rd</sup> Ryan Clark<br /> <u>33m Breaststroke (Record 27.56sec)</u><br /> 1<sup>st</sup> Toby Greene (42.15s)<br /> <u>66m Breaststroke (Record 1.05.26sec)</u><br /> 1<sup>st</sup> Millar McElrea (1.31.87s)<br /> <strong>Champions</strong><br /> Millar McElrea<br /> &nbsp;<br /> <strong>Junior Girls</strong><br /> <u>33m Backstroke (Record 25.54sec)</u><br /> 1<sup>st</sup> Renee Willis (<strong>RECORD 23.88s</strong>)<br /> 2<sup>nd</sup> Erin Willis<br /> 3<sup>rd</sup> Zoe McElrea<br /> <u>66m Backstroke (Record 55.96sec)</u><br /> 1<sup>st</sup> Renee Willis (<strong>RECORD 53.31s</strong>)<br /> 2<sup>nd</sup> Erin Willis<br /> 3<sup>rd</sup> Emily Scanlan<br /> <u>33m Freestyle (Record 21.12sec)</u><br /> 1<sup>st</sup> Erin Willis (<strong>RECORD 20.37s</strong>)<br /> 2<sup>nd</sup> Renee Willis<br /> 3<sup>rd</sup> Molly Smith<br /> <u>66m Freestyle (Record 46.31sec)</u><br /> 1<sup>st</sup> Renee Willis (<strong>RECORD 46.21s</strong>)<br /> 2<sup>nd</sup> Molly Smith<br /> 3<sup>rd</sup> Emily Scanlan<br /> <u>33m Breaststroke (Record 27.08sec)</u><br /> 1<sup>st</sup> Erin Willis (29.03s)<br /> 2<sup>nd</sup> Jenna Griffin<br /> 3<sup>rd</sup> Anna McClean<br /> <u>66m Breaststroke (Record 1.23.16sec)</u><br /> 1<sup>st</sup> Erin Willis (<strong>RECORD 1.07.90s</strong>)<br /> 2<sup>nd</sup> Renee Willis<br /> 3<sup>rd</sup> Anna McClean<br /> <strong>Champions</strong><br /> Erin Willis<br /> &nbsp;<br /> <strong>Intermediate Boys</strong><br /> <u>33m Backstroke (Record 20.16sec)</u><br /> 1<sup>st</sup> Conner Phillips (31.12s)<br /> 2<sup>nd</sup> Nova Carey-Mount<br /> 3<sup>rd</sup> Ben Lister<br /> <u>66m Backstroke (Record 43.38sec)</u><br /> 1<sup>st</sup> Conner Phillips (1.10.50s)<br /> 2<sup>nd</sup> Will Scurr<br /> <u>33m Freestyle (Record 17.07sec)</u><br /> 1<sup>st</sup> Nic Clark (22.53s)<br /> 2<sup>nd</sup> Ben Lister<br /> 3<sup>rd</sup> Nova Carey-Mount<br /> <u>66m Freestyle (Record 37.94sec)</u><br /> 1<sup>st</sup> Nic Clark (55.56s)<br /> <u>33m Breaststroke (Record 23.81sec)</u><br /> 1<sup>st</sup> Nic Clark (33.28s)<br /> <u>66m Breaststroke (Record 56.02sec)</u><br /> 1<sup>st</sup> Nic Clark (1.17.50s)<br /> <strong>Champions</strong><br /> Nic Clark<br /> &nbsp;<br /> <strong>Intermediate Girls</strong><br /> <u>33m Backstroke (Record 24.45sec)</u><br /> 1<sup>st</sup> Morganne-Lee Greene (32.84s)<br /> 2<sup>nd</sup> Stevie Gunion<br /> 3<sup>rd</sup> Anna Clarke<br /> <u>66m Backstroke (Record 52.69sec)</u><br /> 1<sup>st</sup> Morganne-Lee Greene (1.21.53s)<br /> 2<sup>nd</sup> Holly Griffin<br /> <u>33m Freestyle (Record 21.17sec)</u><br /> 1<sup>st</sup> Aimee Edwards (23.20s)<br /> 2<sup>nd</sup> Holly Griffin<br /> 3<sup>rd</sup> Anna Clarke<br /> <u>66m Freestyle (Record 47.20sec)</u><br /> 1<sup>st</sup> Holly Griffin (1.04.56s)<br /> 2<sup>nd</sup> Morganne-Lee Greene<br /> <u>100m Freestyle (Record 1.17.57sec)</u><br /> 1<sup>st</sup> Holly Griffin (1.43.44s)<br /> 2<sup>nd</sup> Morganne-Lee Greene<br /> <u>33m Breaststroke (Record 25.80sec)</u><br /> 1<sup>st</sup> Aimee Edwards (32.43s)<br /> <strong>Champions</strong><br /> Morganne-Lee Green/Holly Griffin<br /> &nbsp;<br /> <strong>Senior Boys</strong><br /> <u>33m Backstroke (Record 19.91sec)</u><br /> 1<sup>st</sup> Kaleb Fegan (23.13s)<br /> 2<sup>nd</sup> Levin Coulter-Butler<br /> 3<sup>rd</sup> Aiden Mallon<br /> <u>66m Backstroke (Record 43.02sec)</u><br /> 1<sup>st</sup> Joseph Lomas-Carr (1.17.60s)<br /> <u>33m Freestyle (Record 17.57sec)</u><br /> 1<sup>st</sup> Kaleb Fegan (19.53s)<br /> 2<sup>nd</sup> Reuben Wilson<br /> 3<sup>rd</sup> James Scanlan<br /> <u>66m Freestyle (Record 39.68sec)</u><br /> 1<sup>st</sup> James Scanlan (49.25s)<br /> 2<sup>nd</sup> Reuben Wilson<br /> 3<sup>rd</sup> Cory Samson<br /> <u>100m Freestyle (Record 1.04.47sec)</u><br /> 1<sup>st</sup> James Scanlan (1.28.48s)<br /> 2<sup>nd</sup> Levin Coulter-Butler (1.34.72s)<br /> 3<sup>rd</sup> Cory Samson<br /> <u>33m Breaststroke (Record 22.56sec)</u><br /> 1<sup>st</sup> Kaleb Fegan (27.91s)<br /> 2<sup>nd</sup> Aiden Mallon<br /> 3<sup>rd</sup> Levin Coulter-Butler<br /> <u>66m Breaststroke (Record 51.80sec)</u><br /> 1<sup>st</sup> Kaleb Fegan (1.01.00s)<br /> 2<sup>nd</sup> Reuben Wilson<br /> 3<sup>rd</sup> Cory Samson<br /> <strong>Champions</strong><br /> Kaleb Fegan<br /> &nbsp;<br /> <strong>Senior Girls</strong><br /> <u>33m Backstroke (Record 23.82sec)</u><br /> 1<sup>st</sup> Alicia Gillies (35.68s)<br /> <u>33m Freestyle (Record 20.53sec)</u><br /> 1<sup>st</sup> Alicia Gillies (26.43s)<br /> 2<sup>nd</sup> Jorjah Mason-Waru<br /> <u>100m Freestyle (Record 1.11.29sec)</u><br /> 1<sup>st</sup> Alicia Gillies (1.49.13s)<br /> <u>33m Breaststroke (Record 27.35sec)</u><br /> 1<sup>st</sup> Alicia Gillies (39.56s)<br /> <strong>Champions</strong><br /> Alicia Gillies<br /> &nbsp;<br /> <strong>Open Butterfly</strong><br /> <strong>Boys</strong><br /> 1<sup>st</sup> Kaleb Fegan (24.63s)<br /> 3<sup>rd</sup> Ezekiel Scurr<br /> <strong>Girls</strong><br /> 1<sup>st</sup> Renee Willis (23.28s)<br /> 2<sup>nd</sup> Alicia Gillies<br /> 3<sup>rd</sup> Zoe McElrea<br /> &nbsp;1525867200 Swimming Results 2018 THS Athletics Results 2018<strong>House Points</strong><br /> 1<sup>st</sup> Ross (2156.16 points)<br /> 2<sup>nd</sup> Malcolm (2125.83 points)<br /> 3<sup>rd</sup> Reid (1880.33 points)<br /> 4<sup>th</sup> Ayson (1711.66 points) <h3><strong>Minor Girls </strong></h3> <strong><em>Track</em></strong><br /> <u>100m (Record 13.25s)</u><br /> 1st Izzy Kelcher (16.43s)<br /> 2nd Analise Scanlan<br /> 3rd Brooke Anthony<br /> <u>200m (Record 29.44s)</u><br /> 1st Izzy Kelcher (33.56s)<br /> 2nd Lucy Greer<br /> 3rd Kaylee-May Phillips<br /> <u>400m (Record 66.97s)</u><br /> 1st Lucy Greer (1.29.28s)<br /> 2nd Kaylee-May Phillips<br /> 3rd Makayla Wills<br /> <u>800m (Record 2.44.55s)</u><br /> 1st Makayla Wills (3.42.00s)<br /> 2nd Chelsea Brookland<br /> <u>1500m (Record 5.41.04s)</u><br /> 1st Trinny Murray (7.42.06s)<br /> 2nd Amy Hill<br /> 3rd Chelsea Brookland<br /> <strong>Track Champions</strong><br /> Lucy Greer<br /> <br /> <strong><em>Field</em></strong><br /> <u>Discus<strong> &ndash; </strong>750gm (Record 21.68m)</u><br /> 1st Kaylee-May Phillips (14.98m)<br /> 2nd Kayla Stevenson<br /> 3rd Kaydence Noye<br /> <u>Shot -3kg (Record 8.73m)</u><br /> 1st Kaydence Noye (7.03m)<br /> 2nd Kayla Stevenson<br /> 3rd Bella Gordon-Glassford<br /> <u>Javelin &ndash; 400gm (Record 18.70m)</u><br /> 1st Kaydence Noye (9.07m)<br /> 2nd Micaela Laing<br /> 3rd Meela Cockburn<br /> <u>Long Jump (Record 4.19m)</u><br /> 1st Sarah Edwards (2.77m)<br /> 2nd Brooke Anthony<br /> 3rd Trinny Murray<br /> <u>High Jump (Record&nbsp; 1.31m)</u><br /> 1st= Gemma Brady, Makayla Wills(1.05m)<br /> 3rd Lucy Carruthers<br /> <u>Triple Jump (Record 7.08m)</u><br /> 1st Bella Gordon-Glassford (6.28m)<br /> <strong>Field Champions</strong><br /> Kaydence Noye<br /> <br /> <strong>Overall Champions Girls</strong><br /> Izzy Kelcher <h3><strong>Minor Boys</strong></h3> <strong><em>Track</em></strong><br /> <u>100m (Record 13.58s)</u><br /> 1st Jacob Murray (15.35s)<br /> 2nd Johnny Fegan<br /> 3rd Samuel Norman<br /> <u>200m (Record 29.41s)</u><br /> 1st Jacob Murray (33.72s)<br /> 2nd Samuel Norman<br /> 3rd Brodie Ferguson<br /> <u>400m (Record 68.02s)</u><br /> 1st Caleb Geary (1.33.62s)<br /> 2nd Baylee Thomas<br /> 3rd Ezekiel Scurr<br /> <u>800m (Record 2.40.03s)</u><br /> 1st Wyatt Mallon<br /> 2nd Jayden Brown<br /> 3rd Baylee Thomas<br /> <u>1500m (Record 5.12.05s)</u><br /> 1st Johnny Fegan (6.6.94s)<br /> 2nd Wyatt Mallon<br /> 3rd Jayden Brown<br /> <strong>Track Champions</strong><br /> Johnny Fegan<br /> <br /> <strong><em>Field</em></strong><br /> <u>Discus - 1kg (Record 21.33m)</u><br /> 1st Izaac Taylor (16.41m)<br /> 2nd Bronson Davey<br /> 3rd Tane Nichol<br /> <u>Shot - 3.5kg (Record 8.53m)</u><br /> 1st Jacob Murray (7.03m)<br /> 2nd Bronson Davey<br /> 3rd Izaac Taylor<br /> <u>Javelin - 600g (Record 22.90m)</u><br /> 1st Johnny Fegan (16.83m)<br /> 2nd Izaac Taylor<br /> 3rd Ezekiel Scurr<br /> <u>Long Jump (Record 4.50m)</u><br /> 1st Ezekiel Scurr (3.06m)<br /> 2nd Josh Lister<br /> 3rd Wyatt Mallon<br /> <u>High Jump (Record 1.33m)</u><br /> 1st Jayden Brown (1.10m)<br /> 2nd Ahurei Barclay<br /> 3rd Johnny Fegan<br /> <strong>Field Champions</strong><br /> Izaac Taylor<br /> <br /> <strong>Overall Champions</strong><br /> Johnny Fegan <h3><strong>Junior Girls</strong></h3> <strong><em>Track</em></strong><br /> <u>100m&nbsp; (Record 13.04s)</u><br /> 1st Aimee Edwards (14.25s)<br /> 2nd Erin Willis<br /> 3rd Connie McDonald<br /> <u>200m (Record 28.06s)</u><br /> 1st Aimee Edwards (28.50s)<br /> 2nd Renee Willis<br /> 3rd Erin Willis<br /> <u>400m (Record 65.01s)</u><br /> 1st Anna Clarke (1.17.94s)<br /> 2nd Zoe McElrea<br /> 3rd Jenna Griffin<br /> <u>800m (Record 2.41.01s)</u><br /> 1st Molly Smith (3.50.74s)<br /> 2nd Zoe McElrea<br /> 3rd Erin Willis<br /> <u>1500m (Record 5.28.04s)</u><br /> 1st Molly Smith (6.12.97s)<br /> 2nd Jenna Griffin<br /> 3rd Anna McClean<br /> <strong>Track Champions</strong><br /> Molly Smith<br /> <br /> <strong><em>Field</em></strong><br /> <u>Discus &ndash; 1kg (Record 25.45m)</u><br /> 1st Renee Willis (20.14m)<br /> 2nd Aimee Edwards<br /> 3rd Erin Willis<br /> <u>Shot - 3.5kg (Record 8.36m)</u><br /> <em>New weight 3kg</em><br /> 1st Renee Willis<strong> (RECORD 10.51M)</strong><br /> 2nd Saige White<br /> 3rd Jade Kyle<br /> <u>Javelin - 600g (Record 22.75m)</u><br /> 1st Claudia Scholten (12.78m)<br /> 2nd Stevie Gunion<br /> 3rd Anna Clarke<br /> <u>Long Jump (Record 4.36m)</u><br /> 1st Molly Smith (3.77m)<br /> 2nd Renee Willis<br /> 3rd Jenna Griffin<br /> <u>High Jump (Record 1.42m)</u><br /> 1st Molly Smith (1.20m)<br /> 2nd Kate Brady<br /> 3rd Jenna Griffin<br /> <u>Triple Jump(Record 9.17m)</u><br /> 1st Zoe McElrea (7.05m)<br /> <strong>Field Champions</strong><br /> Renee Willis<br /> <br /> <strong>Overall Champions</strong><br /> Molly Smith <h3><strong>Junior Boys</strong></h3> <strong><em>Track</em></strong><br /> <u>100m&nbsp; (Record&nbsp; 12.30s)</u><br /> 1st Nic Clark (13.96s)<br /> 2nd Zane Cochrane<br /> 3rd Alex Burleigh<br /> <u>200m (Record 24.28s)</u><br /> 1st Nic Clark (28.72s)<br /> 2nd Zane Cochrane<br /> 3rd Toby Greene<br /> <u>400m (Record 57.96s)</u><br /> 1st Millar McElrea (1m.01.93s)<br /> 2nd Zane Cochrane<br /> 3rd Alex Cox-Herring<br /> <u>800m (Record 2.27.04s)</u><br /> 1st Millar McElrea<strong> (RECORD 2.26.08s)</strong><br /> 2nd Alex Burleigh<br /> 3rd Conner Phillips<br /> <u>1500m (Record 4.56.01s)</u><br /> 1st Conner Phillips (6.10.62s)<br /> 2nd Lachie MacDonald<br /> 3rd Ryan Maaka<br /> <strong>Track Champions</strong><br /> Zane Cochrane<br /> <br /> <strong><em>Field</em></strong><br /> <u>Discus - 1kg (Record 32.39m)</u><br /> 1st Spencer Davey (21.53m)<br /> 2nd Alex Burleigh<br /> 3rd Lochie Still<br /> <u>Shot - 4kg (Record 11.97m)</u><br /> 1st Alex Burleigh (8.90m)<br /> 2nd Spencer Davey<br /> 3rd Seth Black<br /> <u>Javelin - 600g (Record 31.40m)</u><br /> 1st Jon-Duncan McLeod (23.98m)<br /> 2nd Nic Clark<br /> 3rd Alex Burleigh<br /> <u>Long Jump (Record 5.13m)</u><br /> 1st Millar McElrea (5.01m)<br /> 2nd Ryan Baird<br /> 3rd Toby Greene<br /> <u>High Jump (Record 1.525m)</u><br /> 1st Millar McElrea<strong> (RECORD 1.53m)</strong><br /> 2nd Conner Phillips<br /> 3rd Nic Clark<br /> <u>Triple Jump (Record 9.46m)</u><br /> 1st Millar McElrea<strong> (RECORD 9.95m)</strong><br /> 2nd Conner Phillips<br /> 3rd Nic Clark<br /> <strong>Field Champions</strong><br /> Millar McElrea<br /> <br /> <strong>Overall Champions</strong><br /> Millar McElrea <h3><strong>Intermediate Girls</strong></h3> <strong><em>Track</em></strong><br /> <u>100m (Record 13.02s)</u><br /> 1st Atiya Fraser (14.72s)<br /> 2nd Meg Clark<br /> 3rd Abby Bugden<br /> <u>200m (Record&nbsp; 28.01s)</u><br /> 1st Atiya Fraser (31.03s)<br /> 2nd Meg Clark<br /> 3rd Abby Bugden<br /> <u>400m (Record 67.03s)</u><br /> 1st Meg Clark (1.25.72s)<br /> <u>800m (Record 2.21.86s)</u><br /> 1st Holly Griffin (3.00.59s)<br /> 2nd Atiya Fraser<br /> <u>1500m (Record 5.32.55s)</u><br /> 1st Holly Griffin (60.10.00s)<br /> <strong>Track Champions</strong><br /> Holly Griffin<br /> <br /> <strong><em>Field</em></strong><br /> <u>Discus - 1kg (Record 27.33m)</u><br /> 1st Rebecca Coleman (19.69m)<br /> 2nd Angel McLeod<br /> 3rd Annabelle Philps<br /> <u>Shot - 3.5kg (Record 9.70m)</u><br /> 1st Rebecca Coleman (9.66m)<br /> 2nd Annabelle Philps<br /> 3rd Morganne-Lee Greene<br /> <u>Javelin - 600g (Record 46.82m)</u><br /> 1st Rebecca Coleman (16.76m)<br /> 2nd Kelsey Carter<br /> 3rd Meg Clark<br /> <u>Long Jump (Record 4.70m)</u><br /> 1st Atiya Fraser (3.35m)<br /> 2nd Kelsey Carter<br /> 3rd Mereana Phillips<br /> <u>High Jump (Record 1.455m)</u><br /> 1st Abby Bugden (1.15m)<br /> 2nd Kelsey Carter<br /> 3rd Atiya Fraser<br /> <u>Triple Jump (Record 11.20m)</u><br /> 1st Holly Griffin (3.61m)<br /> 2nd Mia Flannery<br /> <strong>Field Champions</strong><br /> Rebecca Coleman<br /> <br /> <strong>Overall Champions</strong><br /> Atiya Fraser <h3><strong>Intermediate Boys</strong></h3> <strong><em>Track</em></strong><br /> <u>100m (Record 11.80s)</u><br /> 1st Aiden Mallon (12.78s)<br /> 2nd Ethan Walker<br /> 3rd Joseph Lomas-Carr<br /> <u>200m (Record&nbsp; 24.12s)</u><br /> 1st Jared Hayes (26.50s)<br /> 2nd Harley Butler<br /> 3rd Zayde Francis<br /> <u>400m (Record 57.01s)</u><br /> 1st Jared Hayes (58.56s)<br /> 2nd Zayde Francis<br /> 3rd Patrick Norman<br /> <u>800m (Record 2.13.03s)</u><br /> 1st Jared Hayes (2.22.81s)<br /> 2nd Robert Schloemann<br /> 3rd Daniel Hall<br /> <u>1500m (Record 4.28.09s)</u><br /> 1st Daniel Hall (5.23.65s)<br /> 2nd Robert Schloemann<br /> 3rd Angus Lloyd<br /> <strong>Track Champions</strong><br /> Jared Hayes<br /> <br /> <strong><em>Field</em></strong><br /> <u>Discus - 1.25kg (Record 33.45m)</u><br /> 1st Ethan Walker <strong>(RECORD 36.63m)</strong><br /> 2nd Taumarewa Kershaw<br /> 3rd Zayde Francis<br /> <u>Shot - 5kg (Record 11.70m)</u><br /> 1st Ethan Walker (11.52m)<br /> 2nd Dominic Gullen<br /> 3rd Taumarewa Kershaw<br /> <u>Javelin - 700g (Record 46.82m)</u><br /> 1st Ethan Walker (42.04m)<br /> 2nd Joseph Lomas-Carr<br /> 3rd Daniel Hall<br /> <u>Long Jump (Record 5.81m)</u><br /> 1st Jared Hayes (4.84m)<br /> 2nd Aiden Mallon<br /> 3rd Cory Price<br /> <u>High Jump (Record 1.69m)</u><br /> 1st Jared Hayes (1.50m)<br /> 2nd Aiden Mallon<br /> 3rd Taumarewa Kershaw<br /> <u>Triple Jump (Record 11.20m)</u><br /> <strong>Field Champions</strong><br /> Ethan Walker<br /> <br /> <strong>Overall Champions</strong><br /> Jared Hayes <h3><strong>Senior Girls</strong></h3> <strong><em>Track</em></strong><br /> <u>100m (Record 13.26s)</u><br /> 1st Jorjah Mason-War (14.31s)<br /> 2nd Miyu Sayama<br /> 3rd Jade Findlay<br /> <u>200m (Record 28.35s)</u><br /> 1st Jorjah Mason-Waru (52.09s)<br /> <u>400m (Record 65.53s)</u><br /> 1st Jorjah Mason-Waru (1.21.31s)<br /> 2nd Alicia Gillies<br /> 3rd Grace McKay<br /> <u>800m (Record 2.40.26s)</u><br /> 1st Alicia Gillies (3.50.43s)<br /> <strong>Track Champions</strong><br /> Jorjah Maon-Waru<br /> <br /> <strong><em>Field</em></strong><br /> <u>Discus - 1kg (Record 33.68m)</u><br /> 1st Grace McKay (16.78m)<br /> 2nd Alicia Gillies<br /> 3rd Maddie Davidson<br /> <u>Shot - 4kg (Record 10.64m)</u><br /> 1st Alicia Gillies (7.74m)<br /> 2nd Grace McKay<br /> 3rd Laura Scanlan<br /> <u>Javelin - 600g (Record 29.80m)</u><br /> 1st Jade Findlay (17.07m)<br /> 2nd Maddie Davidson<br /> 3rd Anna Jordan<br /> <u>Long Jump (Record 4.65m)</u><br /> 1st Jorjah Mason-Waru (3.88m)<br /> 2nd Ashlee Kavanagh<br /> 3rd Alicia Gillies<br /> <u>High Jump (Record 1.48m)</u><br /> 1st Phoebe Johnston (1.20m)<br /> 2nd= Jade Findlay, Jorjah Mason-Waru<br /> <u>Triple Jump (Record 9.87m)</u><br /> <strong>Field Champions</strong><br /> Alicia Gillies<br /> <br /> <strong>Overall Champions</strong><br /> Jorjah Mason-Waru <h3><strong>Senior Boys</strong></h3> <strong><em>Track</em></strong><br /> <u>100m (Record 11.45s)</u><br /> 1st Sam Brown (11.97s)<br /> 2nd Levin Coulter-Butler<br /> 3rd Richard Scott<br /> <u>200m (Record 24.00s)</u><br /> 1st Richard Scott (25.59s)<br /> 2nd Levin Coulter-Butler<br /> 3rd Jadin Coulter-Butler<br /> <u>400m (Record 55.06s)</u><br /> 1st Jadin Coulter-Butler (1.08.88s)<br /> 2nd Ben Pepper<br /> <u>800m (Record 2.07.07s)</u><br /> 1st Sam Brown (2.24.47s)<br /> 2nd James Scanlan<br /> 3rd Tyson Kavanagh-Moore<br /> <u>1500m (Record 4.25.02s)</u><br /> 1st James Scanlan (5.42.50s)<br /> 2nd Kellan Crowie<br /> <strong>Track Champions</strong><br /> Levin Coulter-Butler, James Scanlan<br /> <br /> <strong><em>Field</em></strong><br /> <u>Discus - 1.5kg (Record 36.91m)</u><br /> 1st Sam Brown (27.56m)<br /> 2nd Reuben Wilson<br /> 3rd Alex Scholten<br /> <u>Shot - 5kg (Record 11.05m)</u><br /> 1st Levin Coulter-Butler (10.07m)<br /> 2nd Josh Phillips<br /> 3rd Reuben Wilson<br /> <u>Javelin - 700g (Record 42.64m)</u><br /> 1st Sam Brown (34.07m)<br /> 2nd Alex Scholten<br /> 3rd Levin Coulter-Butler<br /> <u>Long Jump (Record 5.86m)</u><br /> 1st Sam Brown (5.18m)<br /> 2nd Richard Scott<br /> 3rd James Scanlan<br /> <u>High Jump (Record 1.74m)</u><br /> 1st Richard Scott (1.45m)<br /> 2nd Kellan Crowie<br /> 3rd Shawn Taylor<br /> <u>Triple Jump (Record 12.25m)</u><br /> 1st Richard Scott (11.19m)<br /> 2nd Kellan Crowie<br /> <strong>Field Champions</strong><br /> Sam Brown<br /> <br /> <strong>Overall Champions</strong><br /> Sam Brown<br /> &nbsp;<br /> &nbsp;1521457200 Athletics Results 2018