Senior Subject Choices for 2018

Senior Course Structure 

In 2019 senior subjects and courses will be delivered in modules of 8 hours per week. Most modules will contain two subjects and be taught by two teachers.

The year will be split in to two semesters (first half and second half of the year). In each semester a senior student will choose three modules, a total of six modules for the year.
Semester 1 Module 1 Module 2 Module 3
Semester 2 Module 4 Module 5 Module 6

When choosing modules you will need to make sure you are covering the subjects you require for the following years schooling or for a future qualification or job.

Module Selection Information

In selecting a programme, students need to ask themselves:
  • What qualifications do I want to gain while at school?
  • What qualifications or courses do I need for tertiary study or the work I hope to do when I leave school?
  • Does my subject selection have enough flexibility if I change my direction?
  • Am I aware of any pre-requisites for subjects I wish to do later?
  • Will I succeed in this course?
  • Will I be appropriately challenged?
  • Have I explored all my options?
  • Have I spoken with my Parents, Teachers, Dean or Careers Teacher
  • Do not choose subjects for the wrong reasons, such as your friends are doing it.
Getting advice
  • Talk to your Parents.
  • Talk to your Teachers.
  • Talk with Mrs Ferguson (Careers)
  • Go on line to
  • Go online to  Otago University
  • Go online to Otago Polytechnic
  • Go online to another training organisation that you are interested in.

Full Senior Course Booklet 2019
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