Senior Subject Choices for 2017

In the Senior School students may select from any subjects providing that they meet the prerequisites.  Multilevel study is encouraged.  Students also need to ensure that their course is well balanced.

The 2017 curriculum structure aims to provide students with many opportunities to develop their education.  Features particular to Tokomairiro are the ability to do non-conventional (Polytechnic equivalent) units and the opportunity for students to begin vocational training in our Gateway programmes.

 Making your choice
In order to make a good decision you need the right information. You should:

  1. Check the subjects you really want to study.  Do not choose subjects because your friends are taking them.
  2. Check if your subjects provide a pathway through to Year 13 and beyond.
  3. Check whether your subject selection provides enough flexibility to change to other courses should circumstances or your ideas change.
  4. Check with your Mum and Dad.
  5. Check course costs for some subjects.
For all the above, the Careers Advisor, Mr Algie, and the staff at Tokomairiro are willing to provide guidance.

Subject entry prerequisites are decided by the Head of Department.  Contributing factors, in addition to  assignment and test results, will be work habits and the ongoing evaluations that teachers have made.  An appeal for reconsideration may be made to the Principal, where a student is declined entry to a subject.

Full Senior Course Booklet 2017

Fast Facts

What are the Vocational Pathways?

NCEA Basics

Digital Technology
Drama/Performing Arts
Home Economics
Materials Technology
Physical Education
Trades Academy


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