Student Wellbeing

Student Wellbeing

At Tokomairiro High School, we follow the Schoolwide Positive Behaviour for Learning (SW-PB4L). 

SW-PB4L is a school’s process for teaching social and behavioural skills so the focus can be on teaching and learning. It's a framework with strategies for achieving essential social and learning outcomes while preventing problematic behaviour. 

Rather than a specific model, it's a compilation of research-validated practices, providing an effective system for: 

  • improving the social behavioural climate of schools
  • supporting or enhancing the impact of academic instruction on achievement
  • increasing proactive/positive/preventive management while decreasing reactive management
  • integrating academic and behaviour initiatives
  • improving support for all students, including students at risk and students with emotional behavioural disabilities

These are some of the principles used to guide decisions and actions when implementing SW-PB4L:

  • establish school discipline as an instrument for academic and behaviour success
  • emphasise prevention
  • integrate initiatives, programmes, interventions and strategies
  • coordinate efforts with a schoolwide leadership team
  • evaluate continuously
  • adapt products and activities to align with cultural and demographic characteristics of the local community

Contact us if you want to learn more about the SW-PB4L process.