Schoolwide Positive Behaviour

Tokomairiro High School has now adopting the SWP-B4L programme.

What is Schoolwide Positive Behaviour for Learning (SW-PB4L)

Schoolwide Positive Behaviour for Learning (SW-PB4L) is a school’s process for teaching social and behavioural skills so the focus can be on teaching and learning.
SW-PB4L is a framework or approach. It is a broad range of systemic and individualised strategies for achieving important social and learning outcomes while preventing problem behaviour with all students. SW-PB4L is not a specific “model” but a compilation of research-validated and effective practices, interventions, and systems change strategies. SW-PB4L provides an organisational approach or framework for:
  • improving the social behavioural climate of schools
  • supporting or enhancing the impact of academic instruction on achievement
  • increasing proactive / positive / preventive management while decreasing reactive management
  • integrating academic and behaviour initiatives
  • improving support for all students, including students at risk and students with emotional behavioural disabilities
The following principles are used to guide decisions and actions when implementing SW-PB4L:
  1. Establish school discipline as an instrument for academic and behaviour success
  2. Consider and implement schoolwide practices and systems for all students, all staff, across all settings
  3. Emphasise prevention
  4. Utilize research-validated practices, interventions, and strategies
  5. Integrate initiatives, programmes, and interventions that have common outcomes
  6. Build and sustain a continuum of behaviour support
  7. Coordinate efforts with a schoolwide leadership team
  8. Use data to guide decision making
  9. Make decisions that are linked to important and measurable outcomes
  10. Evaluate continuously
  11. Emphasise an instructional approach to behaviour management
  12. Adapt products, activities, actions, etc. to align with cultural and demographic characteristics of the local community.
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